Full Moon in Libra March 29th, 2010

“Weigh Things Out” – Full Moon in Libra at 10 degrees

By Dipali  Desai

“It is a delicate balance in Life, that which gives vitality and alive energy and that which takes away. Remember to honor oneself in any given relationship for all is co-creative and requires the each party to be considered as equal parts to the whole.”

The Full Moon in Libra brings our attention to weighing out the possibilities in relation to all of Life. The area of relationships both personal and business tend to be illuminated during this time. Anything that has been hidden from view may be seen and choices must be made.

Relationships (of all types) will give insight into the Self both positive and areas where we tend to still be unconscious of some pattern or energy. When you get caught up in two sides and feel stuck, take an action – any small decisive action. This will help break up the back and forth confused energy and get things into motion. During this Full Moon in Libra it is time to find harmony between the “I & We Consciousness” by honoring both sides equally.

It helps to spot within wherever things feel extremely out of whack, as this is where balance needs to be restored – especially within the emotional/psychological level of self. The Full Moon in Libra happens very close to transiting Pluto in Capricorn (soon to go retrograde).  We need to find ways to empower ourselves through any given process or find areas where we have given our power over for the sake of approval and suffer because of it.

Be careful not to over-analyze whatever is going on and bypass the emotions for the sake of the rational.  Experience and allow yourself to feel the emotions as they bubble up. Being overly controlling with your emotions tends to keep you stuck in repeating the same lesson until you “get it, give in and let it out.” Balance is restored and energy moves forward.

Relating to the world around us we see which relationships are “I” centered and which ones serve the “We.” With this Full Moon the imbalance will be very noticeable.   Watch your words and how you relate or convey your side of the story as Mercury and Venus transiting through Aries still adds a fiery dose of punch with each word or action. This can help you be assertive and get things done or get you in heated arguments.


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2 Comments on “Full Moon in Libra March 29th, 2010”

  1. Annemiek Says:

    very accurate and explains my feelings and actions of today. Would love to read your post monthly.

    • Dipali Desai Says:

      Appreciate your feedback regarding the article, full moon energy/symbolism and how it influenced your life. I try my best to write articles monthly regarding full/new moon and other astrology cycles. Enjoy!

      All the best -