Celestial Twinkle: Chiron in Pisces Direct motion

November 16, 2012

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The sweet flower of forgiveness, brings fragrance of forgiveness and healing. The nectar of the flower helps to dissolve wound of separation from the Divine and restores a state of wholeness and Oneness. A feeling of profound love and connection is experienced. One becomes peace itself.” – Chiron in Pisces

With Chiron in Pisces now in Direct motion, symbolizing the energy moving outward and forward, there is a stronger energy towards reclaiming a wholeness and peacefulness.

Chiron in Pisces puts each in touch with where there may be a division or separation from the human aspect and Soul aspect. Or where there may be gaps due to unhealed and resolved traumas or suffering creating a sense of feeling fragmented inside.  It is important to participate or do things which promote “holistic” approach to healing, processing and returning to a state of wholeness, healing and at ease or peace within.

Since Pisces is a water element, feelings and emotions play a bit part in the healing process. With Pisces, you want to see the “Cosmic or bigger picture” of the wound or suffering. Not to intellectualize or over analyze it, but rather put it in Soul-level perspective to gain wisdom and the Spiritual Insight from it. So it does not repeat again and again. Either you can remain in suffering long after it is useful or you can use suffering to help you become aware that something needs to be attended to and healed and grow from it.

Chiron in Pisces may reveals the areas of illusion and delusion or tendencies to escape and be out of the body than in the body. Sometimes a person thinks it is easier to be out of the body as a way of coping and this becomes second nature (constant way of coping). It is not useful. Why? You are only half present in life, for loved ones, friends and your work. You are not fully attentive or “there.” It does no one good to use this as a way to cope. Rather, when you heal the wound or trauma that is the core of why you cope this way – there is a greater safe healing space for you to want to be grounded and in the body. And this is where you will feel stronger and more vibrantly alive.

It is also possible that the egoic mind repeats the compulsive thought: “I’m alone” this creates an inner turmoil and high level-anxiety within. This false perception maintains the “separation” from the Divine as an example. It does not put you in touch with Love Consciousness. Rather it keeps you stuck in lack, limitation and scarcity. The  false perceptions and compulsive thoughts moves one out of the natural presence of peace they are and into a space of constant stress within the body.

How do you create greater ease to be “in the body?”
How can you return to the natural peaceful presence you are as Soul?
What is one wound that you are ready to surrender and heal fully?

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Chiron in Pisces has so much potential to help each person, a group, a nation and the collective to restore compassion, the feeling of helping others in a healthy empowering way, as well as expanding love and peace Consciousness in areas that are dry and or suffering within. This can also take place within families, countries, communities and groups. Chiron in Pisces potential is to help bring back a “feeling” of peace, love and compassion. We must “BE” or embody it. Be the healing presence. Be the peace. Be the compassion that is naturally part of you as Soul and let that express through you in every encounter and in daily life. This is the message of Chiron in Pisces.

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