Pouring Love into the Gaps – Chiron in Pisces

There are many types of emotional wounds showing up in people’s lives. The experience may be very subjective, sensitive and pushes on the spots where love seems missing. This is part of the Chiron in Pisces transit.  Clouds of confusion, emotional fog, highs and lows as well as realizing major gaps in connection to the Divine. Ancient wounds of separation and illusions of separation tend to create major disconnection. It does tend to influence the energetic structure and layers of the aura or energetic field.

An experience of separation from the Divine and Soul occurs where there is deep trauma. It can span many days, weeks or years and even a whole lifetime. The scar(s) may be old or very deep. Working closely with Chiron known as the “wounded healer, teacher, maverick and shaman” in the deeply mystical sign of Pisces, we have the opportunity to address where one has become disconnected from or cut off from the Divine. We get to discover how the disconnection or energetic fracture may influence your energy system, health and well-being.

Traumas and painful wounds may have happened in this lifetime or previous ones or a combination.  If this surfaces a person has the choice to either face it or numb themselves further. It is possible that trauma(s) that occurred was so deep and incredibly painful that a person spirals downwards into hopelessness, despair, angst and dark depression? Many turn to substance abuse as a quick fix but this never works for the long term. If left unchecked the pain continues to be carried down through the generations. What emotions are left unresolved, not felt and or understood? Where is there stuck grief and confusion? Where is the disconnect? How is it influencing health and wellness? Emotional healing is a prominent theme with Chiron in Pisces.

The realm of the non-rational – emotions and feelings tends to be scary to most people. It is a feeling of not being in control that tends to evoke fear and anxiety. And yet feelings are a gift of being human. How can one find the gift within wound and feel whole again? Through an open heart and acceptance that healing is required. By learning how to be tender and gentle with ourselves we can begin to create a space that feels safe and comforting.

We get to practice compassion, non-judgment and seeing the bigger picture so healing happens on many levels. It is possible to return to the spiral upwards towards greater expansion of love Consciousness through the recognition and healing. Where there are gaps or holes of emptiness from fear, despair and grief we must be tender and fill it once again with love and greater understanding. Looking at the pain or situation from a Soul-perspective will provide the important information and insight on the healing journey.

It is an opportunity for compassion and loving-kindness to blossom through the journey of healing and wholeness. Everyone is working with this theme somewhere in their lives. For those with Natal Chiron in Pisces, you may be undergoing a major crisis point for healing and transformation.  It is possible to feel as if you are walking into a fog of uncertainty, fear or confusion when going through a Chiron Transit. Things may feel extra sensitive and painful. You may slip in and out of illusions.

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One Comment on “Pouring Love into the Gaps – Chiron in Pisces”

  1. Nikalette Says:

    Really getting down to the reasons why I experience difficulty connecting with others, groups, etc… And this had been on my mind for quite some time~ a sun sign Scorpio on the verge of transcending to the eagle/Phoenix….