“Comforting Thoughts” – Mercury Retrograde in Cancer June 26th, 2013

ctw2blgMercury goes retrograde in the sign of Cancer at 23 degrees on June 26th, 2013. It is very possible thoughts and thinking go towards what provides the greatest comfort and ease. Take a few quiet moments to nurture thoughts of vibrant health,  effortless prosperity, or expansion in love. Tuning into those higher vibrational thoughts provides a cozy comforting vibe to one’s being on every level. With this mercury retrograde phase, we can certain remove what prevents us from tuning into those thoughts, perceptions and attitudes that lift us upwards into higher mental states of consciousness.

Mercury is the planet that symbolizes communication, thinking and the rational processes within the mind, siblings and short-term travel.  The astrological sign of Cancer is a water element, therefore we are invited feel the energy within the communication or words being expressed. There is opportunity to be more intuitive and creative in thinking as well as verbalizing how we feel to those we care for and love. We may be thinking about what we are nurturing and what is neglected and requires greater care and nourishment.

Before we go further into this article, let’s get this out of the way:

Mercury retrograde is not to blame, nor is any other planet in Astrology.  
Planets and planetary cycles don’t cause anything, they do symbolize what is happening in Consciousness. Mercury retrograde doesn’t cause this or that it symbolizes a time to be introspective and patient if the information pathways are not functioning at their optimal levels. There is nothing to fear yet it is important to use this cycle of development in a constructive way.

This is a good time to contemplate and talk about how we feel instead of holding things in and then letting it becoming an irritant inside. Rather than clinging or stuffing down to the memory, guilt or over-analyzing, it may feel helpful to share how we feel to move the clogged mental energy. Then communication does not become passive/aggressive, but more simple and direct. This is different from venting “at” someone. Don’t spew every irrational thought you have at someone or through Social media, that may only saturate another person or people and then they will surely become annoyed.

The best way is to listen and then do some talking. There is a slight risk, that we may feel exposed or vulnerable putting our inner most thoughts and feelings out there. Yet, you can choose to do this in a safe container or place with someone or those whom you trust. Having empathetic communications provides a positive space for everyone.

The key themes that may appear with the Mercury retrograde phase are; personal needs, family, emotions/feelings and creative thinking.

Mercury retrograde phase in Cancer symbolizes we may mentally travel back into the past to understand the present. We think about our personal needs, family, how safe and secure we feel or do not feel. Conversations may move in an ebb and flow way so remember there is no rush. Allow things to move accordingly or let’s say gradually like the tides. We may think about family, past issues surface to be resolved and emotions come up to be felt. Nostalgic thoughts may suddenly overtake us and bring us in touch with sweet memories of something or someone from our past.

Perhaps one of the best ways to work with this particular Mercury retrograde phase is to allow the past to be healed and washed away, therefore the perception shifts and brings you back into the joy of the present moment. With that one can contemplate “What thoughts, perception and mental attitude” provide the greatest comfort and nourishment?

This space of review is also for digesting concepts that are just sitting there or we can take the opportunity to remove certain concepts that we may no longer use or are useful. There can be a lot of insights that are gathered through deep contemplation and reflection for the three weeks during the retrograde phase. Thoughts or conversations may be indirect and dance around the core issue, yet the dynamic quality of the sign of Cancer suggests eventually we will address it fully. Remember sensitivity may be high as is irritability if things don’t go as planned.

Allow plenty of space for this to happen. Go sit near a lake, Ocean or river and listen and feel your energy and thoughts moving with the water. Breathe and allow things to be as they are. It will all work out.

Quick Overview Mercury Retrograde phase:

  •    Retrograde Begins: June 26th at 23 degrees Cancer
  •    Direct Motion:  July 20th at 13 degrees Cancer
  •    Out of the Retrograde zone:  on August 3rd, 2013

Helpful Hints:

  • Give the nervous system some quiet time, meditate, relax, be non-linear and creative.
  • Clear out debris, clutter, shred old papers, clear away old paper-work.
  • leave plenty of extra time for travel, in between appointments and triple check details around work/travel/emails.
  • People from the past revisit or resurface via communication
  • Revisit old issues and unresolved situations to bring healing and resolution
  • Revise, restore, review, recheck… all the “Re” activities is great to engage in under a Mercury Retrograde phase

Mercury goes Direct: at 13 degrees Cancer on July 20th, 2013.  Our mental energy may feel nourished and refreshed after some tender loving reflection time. In early August 2013, there is potential to use the distilled information acquired through this introspective phase and apply it into daily life.

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