Celestial Twinkle: “Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio October 21st – November 2013


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“Digging up Mental Artifacts and Treasures”

Let’s delve into Mercury’s transit through Scorpio and examine the retrograde phase. You can take out your magnifying glass as we get to work. We venture into the mysteries, dig up ancient artifacts within the mind and mental energy as well as become the investigator to find out the underlying causes and extract the truth in any given issue or situation. Mercury in Scorpio at 18 degrees shifts into Retrograde phase on October 21st, 2013.  We will be interested in exploring beneath the surface and will be totally and fully focused on the matter at hand.

The potential with Mercury in Scorpio; empowered truthful communication and thinking. There is also potential for creative concentrated thinking and problem solving. Mercury in Scorpio brings us to talk about taboo topics, discussing life after death. The mental energy can be extremely creative and useful if channeled wisely.  Say what you mean, be truthful and compassionate in the delivery now.

When Mercury in Scorpio is off-balance; fixation, overly stubborn in thought/communication, obsessive, compulsive, addicted thinking, controlling, dominating and even vengeful in thought. Mistrust, suspicion and paranoia can be possible.

Like a snake shedding its skin, this Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio provides us the prime opportunity to shed our perceptions, thinking and limitations within the mind. During the Mercury retrograde phase of about 3 weeks, it is a time to empty out the excess, extremes and floating debris within the mental energy body, mind and thought process. Reading so much information, half of it or more people never use! Can you imagine what you are storing and how that slows down your processing and having clarity of thought? This is a time where we can examine which perception, thought, idea, concept and information is empowering and helpful and which one will take us into the depths of fear and even terror. So consider this precious phase where we will shed outworn thoughts, stuck thinking and fixations within the mind.

The usual comes up, delays in communication, snags or snafus in appointments. Be prepared and allow for plenty of time in between appointments, travel plans and so forth. Back up important computer files, triple check important documents before signing. This is not the best time to initiate new ideas, projects or plans. Wait and be patient.

Mercury retrograde is not the cause…. of anything.

As I’ve often mentioned and I will do so again, Planets in astrology and planetary cycles do not cause anything. They symbolize the phase of development within Consciousness. Providing the symbolic language and understanding for one to move through. When you use the correct language and description, you set new energies in motion. If you keep talking about things in a way that is limiting and negative, so too will be  things manifesting in the mind and life. You are encouraged to talk about and think about this phase with a sense of curiosity and interest. It is a necessary phase for the downtime of the mental energy to rejuvenate.

Mercury retrograde in Scorpio reminds each to practice letting go and forgiveness. Instead of holding onto knots of lack of forgiveness which become toxic, let go. Allow healing to take place through shifting perception and forgiveness of an open heart so you can free yourself of mental knots of anxiety and toxins. The higher level of Scorpio is the Eagle and through a highly trained and sharp Soul-level vision… one chooses to let go, heal and transform.

Mercury begins its retrograde from October 21st, 2013 . Mercury will move between 18º degrees– back to 02º degrees Scorpio as it goes direct on November 10th, 2013

Mercury goes retrograde in Scorpio making a fabulously delicious ‘Trine’ aspect to Jupiter in Cancer. This suggests harmony, grace and expanded flow of intuitive insights. Communications carry the vibe of optimistic, benevolence and possible joy. Someone or something from the past re-enters your life and perhaps will activate deep and expanded feelings within you and within them. There is potential for healing and bonding within communications.
Use the three weeks of the Mercury Retrograde phase to reawaken, restore, reflect, review, redo and so forth, all the “re” activities under a Mercury Retrograde is the way to go. There may be many insights that manifest. If there are setbacks or delays, just go with the flow and be receptive or flexible with changes in schedule, appointments and leave plenty of room in between appointments — to be safe.

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Mercury in Scorpio’s symbolic gifts is renewal and metamorphosis within the mental energy and mind. We can let go of the excess and extremes and feel lighter and a sense of being reborn. Clarity of thought, new inspired ideas and heightened intuition may happen as a result of clearing away and healing under the retrograde phase. As Mercury goes Direct in Scorpio at 2 degrees on November 10th/11th, the communication pathways begin to pick up speed over the next two weeks thereafter. At that point, the signal may point towards “go” to implement new ideas or decisions we have made and put them into action.  Remember, use communication to empower others.

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One Comment on “Celestial Twinkle: “Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio October 21st – November 2013”

  1. acquagal Says:

    sounds really powerful and im looking forward to this mercury retrograde. ha! did i just say that?! im a 7 degree cancer sun in my 7H so have jupiter transiting my sign, and my natal jupiter is at 0 degrees scoprio in my 10H… bring on another trine to transit jupiter and conjunction between mercury and my jupiter. my 11H is 14 degrees Scoprio, so mercury will be going back from my 11H to my 10H and then to my 11H again. my 7H is ruled by mercury and my lover is a gemini, so i feel positive about the chance for renewing our relationship. with saturn there im praying for commitment! his venus and mars are at 4 and 7 degrees cancer, respectively. plus, i know 11H is about ex’s and other people’s children.. hes sort of an ex, we’re talking but not currently together… and he does have a child, who i’ve yet to meet. powerful times, these are! thank you!