Full Moon in Cancer – January 15th, 2014

January 12, 2014

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OVERVIEW:  The astrological sign of Cancer brings awareness around feelings and emotions, the past as well as family and childhood. It is possible to feel nostalgic of sweet memories of the past. The Full Moon in Cancer at 25 degrees on January 15th, 2014, puts each person in touch with surfacing emotions as well as hidden ones from long ago. The Full Moon phase symbolizes a heightening of emotional waves and with Cancer being a water sign, you know this Full Moon phase will sure to bring important emotional awareness and opportunity to heal emotional pain. Ask yourself, how can you give yourself the comfort you seek elsewhere?

f_mDuring  a full moon phase in the lunar cycle the Sun and Moon are in a symbolic dance opposite one another like dance partners seeking to move in fluid harmony with one another. The Sun in Capricorn (earth element) while ‘Opposition’ to the Moon in Cancer (water element) at 25 degrees brings the opportunity to restore balance and harmony between professional and personal needs or the father/patriarchal and mother/matriarchal energy or practicality and intuition. At first the conflict or opposing factor will shed light on the area, issue, pattern or relationship that attention is required.

The Full Moon in Cancer may bring up specific sensitivities in people now. Individuals may be emotional reactive and prickly, passive/aggressive or feel highly emotional at the drop of a hat.  It is important not to be functioning on auto-pilot now. Be conscious, succinct and gentle with yourself and others as the emotional energy tide may be high now and it’s possible to experience ups and downs within the emotional level.

Past issues are up looking for closure. Family dynamics reveal where the pattern is playing out on a bigger scale. When there is healthy emotional awareness and maturity one is able to handle interactions wisely and convey what the needs are.

There is deep strength easily accessible during the Full Moon in Cancer. Will you consciously draw upon it for help and to feel grounded moving through any issues coming up now? Many things in life are changing, altering that the Full Moon in Cancer may activate as this is the first full moon of the new year. Something inside of you may be yearning for nourishment and tenderness. While another part of you needs to let go of being attached to a past dysfunctional emotional pattern or pain that began in childhood.

It is possible to notice health or energetic issues around the stomach, intestines, digestion, mucus or sinus and fluids or water retention in the body. There may be a flushing out of stuck energies happening.

Use your intention to bring greater illumination of that which is hidden from your awareness. Allow yourself to journey into the world of your emotional level and pin point the habitual tendency that seems to set up an ‘avoidance’ reaction to healing. Journey into the heart and let yourself go through the healing process to access the rich wisdom contained within the wound.

Let yourself be free to float upon the waters of restoration and healing now. The illumination from the Full Moon in Cancer potentially brings you in touch with compassion and nurturing so that it benefits you and all aspects of your life and relationships now.

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4 Comments on “Full Moon in Cancer – January 15th, 2014”

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  2. aznelrofa Says:

    This is beautiful. I already feel the energies of Cancer coursing through the air…after all that heady Gemini-over-thinking energy, we are ready to drop into the heart and sift through it all. Organizing a personal meditation for peace of the heart and mind right now. Blessings to you! <3


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