Overview: New Moon in Aquarius – January 30th, 2013

January 28, 2014

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Radical Freedom

The New Moon in Aquarius is at 10º 55’ degrees (say 11 degrees) on January 30th, 2014 and there are noticeable energetic and astrological shifts in motion.  It is possible to have a brighter tone to the mental energy plus the new beginnings vibe of a new moon phase is an added benefit. The attention goes towards uplifting humanity yet starting with your local community and friendships.  The Chinese New Year also is happening now and it is the Year of the Wood Horse.

nwm6The Sun and Moon conjoin in the free-spirit of Aquarius. Aquarius is an air element and fixed mode of energy. Both luminaries are to work together in a team-like approach. The potential: uplifting community, humanity and raising consciousness on the planet.

Having a song that plays the same tune, same instruments and using the same words over and over again may be a bit boring right? Incorporating other notes, instruments and words will add a bit of uniqueness to the song will make it more appealing.  Similarly, it is a time to embrace our individuality. So what if we don’t fit into the crowd the “same mold”? It’s ok. You do fit in to the collective, you are a part of the whole while honoring your uniqueness. And you do have something wonderful to contribute.  Liberate yourself to be your authentic self now under the New Moon in Aquarius. It is your life, your choice. Let your Inner Scientist and creative genius come out to express.

The New Moon in Aquarius brings the message that it is important first embrace our uniqueness and quirks and then to do the same for others. It is also equally important to find ways of contributing to the overall well-being and upliftment of humanity.  This New Moon, suggests we really dare to experiment and step outside of the status quo long enough to create a positive ripple in our lives and around us. Living in the future won’t make it a better today. Start with the fresh idea today and let it ripple into the future. Aquarius also is the sign that governs over future trends and the far out there approach.

As we take a closer look, we are coming out of a Venus retrograde in a conservative sign such as Capricorn which is bound by time and tradition on one level. The innovative side of the New Moon in Aquarius helps to invigorate the energy and opportunities. This is a refreshing change and surely will help many people to shake up the norm and step out side of the same old same old. Test the waters. It is time to be inventive and experimental. Remember, even  if we set the intention for the future, remember it is in this moment, her and now that we must take action for that idea to become tangible in the future.

Chinese New Year:
We move from the Year of the Water Snake to a different symbol and energy. This Chinese New Year is the year of the Horse or rather Wood Horse. And the color of wood in Chinese astrology is green so it is also called the Year of the Green Horse. Think of a magical horse such as what is seen in many myths around the worlds. What is possible or the potential? The year of the Wood Horse is a year-long cycle full of high energies,  unexpected adventure, surprising romance, travel as well as swift victories. This year is a time to heed the Call of Action and be decisive rather than engage in procrastination.  It is a time to return to being outdoors in Nature and enjoying the freedom and the feeling of being carefree.

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2 Comments on “Overview: New Moon in Aquarius – January 30th, 2013”

  1. davidalmeida Says:

    I received a message on Face Book regarding the “moon in Aquarius” today. I haven’t familiarized myself with astrology. This knowledge doesn’t serve a real purpose for me. I decided to look up the meaning of this astrological event on Google. What you wrote here has an literal interpretation of what is taking place in my life at this moment. I can see my friend Julie follows your blog. I’m not surprised! This tells me your information is very accurate. I understand what you are saying. I have close relationship with the Goddess. Even more so than some women who are disconnected from her. Thank you for your insightful message Dipali!

    Love, light, and blessings to you!

    ~ David


    • Dipali Says:

      Hi David,
      You are most welcome and thank you for sharing your experience and feedback. Thank Julie for sending the Facebook post to you :-)

      How wonderful! I’m glad to hear you found the article of value and can see the symbolic (or literal) connection to your life. Astrology is a wonderful tool for symbolizing what is happening within Consciousness. It can be useful for offering an overall “map” of potentials and possibilities. There are all types of astrology out there. The branch I work with is called Transformative and works with the Conscious evolving individual in a wholistic way.

      Wishing you an amazing New Moon in Aquarius.


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