Addiction and Saturn’s Transit through Scorpio

ctw1blgNow more than ever, it is important to understand the nature of addiction as Saturn transits through Scorpio. And not just at the therapeutic level, but also energetic and Spiritual levels. The normal visible addictions are; alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, sex, shopping, relationships and gambling. Then there are undercover or subtle addictions such as controlling, self-criticism, sabotage, gossip, self-punishment, enabling others and judgment of others and others. What is the nature of addiction when viewed from a non-dual way or from the Soul perspective? As Saturn transits through Scorpio, many will have to come to terms with their addiction and how to transform it.

Let’s begin with a general point of reference; addiction is a conscious or unconscious behavior that dictates (in a very controlling manner) your life-force energy that runs through your energetic system and into the physical body. And it also refers to the “Addict” Archetype. This archetype has dominion over you, it is pulling the strings and will not let go. It will teach you to lie, cheat, steal and make every excuse under the sun to maintain the addiction.

The more one engages in an addiction that is harmful, the more it grows stronger. Every facet of a person’s life is turned upside down by addiction including what it does to loved ones plus future generations, such as children and even animal companions/pets. Things do spiral out of one’ s control leaving much devastation in its path.

When the “Addict” Archetype is in control, there is misuse of creative energy and a great amount of irresponsibility. A person can become addicted to Therapy, psychics or even Spiritual groups with no real progress being made. There is a difference between a person being sincerely committed to evolving and an addictive high that keeps a person stuck.

The interesting thing is, everyone is born with some type of addiction. Spiritually, each has come in with addiction to seek to recognize it, address it and bring the energy back into balance through higher Spiritual growth and understanding. Though how many even realize this?

It is in the Natal Chart through certain aspects, signs and house placement. The inquiry then is to investigate what is your addiction, at least the strongest one and then prioritize from there because there can be a few either obvious or subtle or hidden ones. So is it just a matter of time, when one goes through a certain astrological cycle or phase of development where the addiction steps out and onto the stage of your life.

As you deeply work on this to heal, inquire and address addiction from a Spiritual and energetic level and on other levels, you will find addiction is an incongruent state. One must become aligned with Soul, the ego and mind must yield to a higher Source for one to become more congruent in their energy and Consciousness. Otherwise the addiction remains, dormant or comes out in very subtle ways.

In the thick of addiction, the mind/perception says one thing, heart speaks another language, behaviors do another and the Unconscious says something else. It is very mixed up energy. The mind and heart are in a fight. They do need to be in harmony with one another, for each choice that is made must have this unified energy behind it for it to be powerful and bring about real change.

Saturn’s transit through Scorpio will uncover and point the way where your addiction(s) are ruling you, running your life and making major decisions for you. The lessons and learning can be worthwhile or be grueling depending on how much you fight the process. Make no mistake, Saturn’s symbolism suggests getting serious and become responsible rather than letting your creative life force energy be wasted in things that will deplete you rather than add to you.

It will take a healthy dose of honesty, sincerity and responsibility to work through addiction from a level that offers a person real tangible growth and healing.

As Saturn transits through Scorpio – isn’t it time you investigate what your addiction is and how often you make excuses for it? Discover how to empower yourself and shift your energy.

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