“Is there a Difference between a Chart I got online and a Consultation with an..” ~ Ask Dipali

Hi Dipali, I got my birth chart online for free on one of the sites on the internet. I also got a
basic computer generated report. When people ask me, I say yes I know about my chart (and when I think back, it sure came out with a cocky attitude.) As I read your blog, I’m gaining so much more understanding about astrology (I’m still at beginners level). However, I’m beginning to feel as if I may be more ignorant than I realized – I “thought” I knew my natal chart and its potentials, but now I’m willing to accept I don’t know.

This question may sound silly, but I’ll ask anyway. Is there a difference between a chart and info. I got online verses a live consultation with an astrologer? And what can a Astrologer offer in Natal Chart Consultation?

Response from Dipali:
Thanks for submitting a good question, no question is too silly, and I’m sure that others will benefit from.

YES! There is a huge difference between getting a computer generated report of a Natal Chart and a live interpertation from a qualified Astrologer. You have become aware of something I share with people.

Often I recommend getting a real live consultation because it is very different. A client hearing words (or information) alone, will not suffice because you can get that from a report too. That only feeds the mind.

I can speak from my experiences as a qualified Astrologer. What do I bring to a Consultation with a Client? I bring empowerment, energy, intuition, clarity, support and create an open compassionate space where you are invited to ask your most pressing questions regarding your life and potentials. I set time aside prior to each consultation and tune into the person’s energy, ask for higher guidance to flow in during my meditation and the consultation. In this way I’m honoring the individual’s path, purpose and chart potentials – in sacred space and working with the Soul or Spirit.

Once a person is willing to accept that they won’t get the full package from a computer generated report, then the next choice is to invest (time, energy and money) in a Natal Chart Consultation. There will a lot of rewards a person will receive back.

A free computer report can be like a small scratch on the surface. So it can be a tiny start. But don’t mistake that for the real deal. While a live consultation with a qualified Astrologer, is like going into a sacred sanctuary and retreiving Treasures which will enhance your life, relationships and healing for the long term.

The choice rests in the hands of the individual. Each must what they feel matches what they are searching for.