“Difficulties in Close Relationship, Finances and Emotions” ~ Ask Dipali

dear dipali;
i have been through your blog and i really found it very impressive and knowledgeable to me. as such, i really feel you are the right person to help me. i have been experiencing difficulties in my closest relationships. i’ve been excessively needy (emotionally , financially) and have been looking for security from this person.  what should i do in this situation?    ~ Dr. SM
[from: Mumbai, India]

Response from Dipali:

Hi, S
Thanks for writing in.  First, You are going through a pretty radical cycle where your emotional security is being shaken up from the inside out – this includes your finances too. Your self-esteem (how you feel about yourself as a person) relates to your financial situation.

This cycles potential is to liberate you from pre-existing conditions regarding emotional security, passiveness or lethargy and habitual tendencies picked up from childhood. It is a major jolt in pushing you to become “independent” rather than remaining passive, needy or dependent. How exciting and refreshing for you! This particular cycle (Uranus over your Moon and Sun in Pisces) will last at least until next February 2009. Then there will be more stability felt.

You are in the midst of radical change so therefore your relationship with this individual will evolve too. I do sense your confusion and uncertainty – yet I feel it is within your grasp to resolve. Realize that You must be the source of freedom from unhappiness and financial stress. It feels as Jupiter in Capricorn enters the 1st house in November – you undergo a huge “expansive and optimistic” cycle of tremendous growth and increase in self-confidence if you allow it. In late November/December you may make a tangible change in your relationship with this individual. The changes or restructuring is not over yet. I would suggest to focus on how you can improve your life rather than basing everything on the “other.” Real security actually rests within you – not on an outside person or situation.

You already know the issues and areas that are in need of real change. Go for it!

Best Wishes,