What Happens When You Embrace Pluto’s Symbolism?

The beauty of free will, is that even though other astrologers have demoted Pluto and its significance, I have not. I still see its energy, beauty and symbolism playing out in people’s lives. Intensity times a hundred.

Do you have to be “Best Friends Forever with Pluto?” Well no, Pluto doesn’t have to be your best friend for life.  Seriously though, why reject something that can aid you? Why push away Pluto’s symbolism when you could become more empowered on the path to wholeness? Remodeling can be even better than you expected.

Did you know?
Pluto “The Lord of the Underworld” Bringer of  Intensity and Empowerment -symbolism brings a Gift. I know, I know I hear ya’ll grumbling “Ya RightyO a gift from the Lord of the Underworld – what is it a coffin, torture, or skeleton key?”  Especially after the recent astrological cycle s as Pluto has made its way through Sagittarius over the recent years, it could have left you of you teeter tottering on the verge of demolition madness. Even black rage.  Yet, it is also true though, Pluto’s symbolism when tackled head on brings a profound “remodeling” to an area of life or particular structure of your Being and a core-level shift.

In India, Pluto is linked with the Lord Shiva. Shiva’s qualities as one of the Gods is Death, Destruction only to bring the ultimate Gift of Rebirth and Resurrection. People in India do not fear Shiva’s strength per se. Shiva’s specific qualities in the Indian Mythology and ancient stories was needed in the whole scheme of things so there is a reverence and acceptance there. The energy of Shiva was actually worshipped for it brought so many blessings in the long run. New fertile energy or ground emerge. Creative energy brought for so much more than before. Shiva’s quality of regeneration and reproduction is also a necessary function. Pluto’s symbolism also links with regeneration after much degeneration.

Think for a moment, what if you were to carry all that gunk, muck, baggage, trauma, crap, wounds, pain, suffering with you all of your life. What the heck would it do to a person? Ah, but you have seen people live in these conditions. It happens. Think also about the realm of the sewage pipes or garbage disposal systems or any other place where garbage is – does it smell heavenly? Does it look dazzling? Does it make you want to relax and be there for hours? NO. The physical manifestation of garbage, gook and goop are examples I’m giving. This occurs on a energy, mental, emotional and spiritual level. Oh gee. Just great eh? Pluto’s symbolism suggests recycling, transforming, purging and deeply – yes down to the core levels deep purging for cleansing and clearing the way. We need it. The world becomes a better place. Your internal space is a much better place and therefore all benefit.

What if you were to stop resisting the Plutonian crusade into your life? What if, you embraced it. Yes even if it brought havoc and didn’t feel the best. Who thinks journeying to Underworld or Your personal Underworld is a pleasant experience? Not many. Yet the temptation of Rebirth, a way of totally transmuting an old way of living or self, dying to that only to be born fresh – who would not want that? Every day many people are stating “turning over a fresh new leaf.” Well isn’t that peachy Statement for Pluto? Sure is.

So before you get to wearing the the T-shirt that says “I hate Pluto” or  “Die Pluto (which would be a perfect place for Pluto by the way so that’s not torture)” or “Pluto can suck this..”, take some time to review the profound blessings that Pluto’s symbolic energy and qualities offers you in a golden bowl. And believe me, it sure does.

Pluto’s Symbolism & Gift:
Rise like the Phoenix from the Ashes and be born anew to live your fullest potential. An empowered being ready to face life, with strength, passion and intensity leaving the world transformed and a better place.

Stay tuned more on Pluto in Capricorn coming to a Cavern near you!

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