Do Planets or Cycles in Astrology Cause things to Happen?

By Dipali Desai

Is there something more going on than meets the eye when it comes to the planets or cycles in Astrology?

Yes, there is so much more going on than the sun sign astrology you read in the newspapers. It is common to hear people “blame” the planets or full moon phase for things going haywire in their life. “Oh Saturn caused this to go wrong and it was so hard” “Uranus over my natal Venus caused the relationship break up” or “The Full Moon is making me react and be cranky” or “Mercury retrograde caused the mistakes.” This is one level of understanding mundane Astrology, but not the only level.

Are you thirsty for more? Ready to dive into Astrology in a fresh new way? If you were stuck or thought the blaming game is the only way to interpret astrology, then you haven’t even seen the best yet! There are more symbolic treasures just waiting for you. A new relationship with Astrology is possible. If you are bold enough to venture into it.

To really feel empowered, will require you to stop blaming the Planets and start taking responsibility. Draw out the highest and best potential of the sign or cycle. Find the strengths and energize that. Feeling as if you are fifty percent co-navigator will require you to look at the Planets or astrological cycles of development in a fresh way – a “symbolic” way.  If a article is written about an upcoming “astrological cycle” then it will offer what is symbolized in Consciousness during that cycle or phase. In this way, you can understand it and it can offer tremendous insight and guidance as to how to navigate through it.

For instance a Full Moon represents or symbolizes  emotions, feelings, reactions and the subconscious. But it doesn’t cause you to lash out or act immature. It may represent you will be working through issues or forced to face past issue to heal and transform energy or feel repressed emotion. You can choose to stay in the repeated pattern of reacting immaturely – creating a habit. Yet, that’s a choice you make and it does not have to be that way.

Astrological Cycles represent, both short and long cycles of growth, awareness, development, healing, expansion and stillness – as well as much more. They certainly can symbolize various things you may need to pay attention to or become aware of. How long something may last. If it is very important or something short and passing by. Of course sometimes certain cycles are intense and certainly moving through it does not feel so hot and dandy. This is true. Yet, you can find ways to support yourself through all of it no matter how long the cycle or short. Yes, you have a choice as to whether you will work “with” the cycle, fight it, deny it or whatever. You can use it to help you navigate consciously through your life.

Take your power back. Do not blame the planets or astrology cycles for what is wrong in your life! Rather, take full responsibility and work alongside of this magnificent tool of Astrology – join forces with something that can really be beneficial to you.

Copyright 2008 Dipali Desai. All Rights Reserved