Pluto shifts into Capricorn on November 26th

Rising to the Top of the Mountain – One step at a time.

Pluto enters the sign of Capricorn on January 2008 until 2024.

Lets get to the business at hand shall we? Pluto (even though its been demoted) is still a powerful contender symbolically in Astrology. This planet symbolizes the lord of the underworld in mythology and themes such as; power, transformation, death/rebirth, core, transmutation, alchemy, regeneration, intensity and more. Pluto shifts into the earthy pragmatic sign of Capricorn. What a team huh? Capricorn is dynamic in motion, its themes are; structure, integrity, patience, long-term goals, organization, pragmatism and perseverance.

As Pluto finishes its trek this year – in Sagittarius we move from bigger visions and faith to putting a solid foundation together. Making things really tangible. In one way we may even look at the core of any structure in our personal lives into the global and see if it has the appropriate elements to withstand the intensity of Pluto. Whatever does not, will begin to disintegrate before your eyes and the eyes of society at large.

This means we really better get to the root and investigate what’s not working, what is corrupted and how to begin to make tangible changes for re-birthing. There will be issues of power, control, greed, sex, abuse, old crystallized concepts and imbalance energy being pushed up to reveal itself for awareness and transmutation. Whether this is small or on larger scale, does not matter. Truth will get exposed so change can happen. Granted this is not an overnight process, however Pluto’s symbolic influence triggers powerful changes from the most subtle levels out into the physical.

This really is “get serious and down to business” energy combo. It will be very interesting to see how this begins to change politics, organizations, businesses, and governments. Any inspirations that came forward while Pluto transited through Sagittarius, will have to now grow and be brought into a more solid form. If you say you believe in something, then live it. Are you living your  philosophy?

Remember this does not exclude your own life. Pluto in Capricorn will be moving through a particular area of your life (in your natal chart) and may even come to activate a natal planet. Think of it as deconstruction phase and then there will be a reconstruction phase. Ultimately, the new template will have solidified with spiritual qualities and a sense of real empowering structures and organizations, will take its place. For those willing to get into the core and participate consciously the physical world and your life will begin to reflect this.

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