“Am I missing something during a Consultation?” ~ Ask Dipali

bgumpkHi Dipali,
Being fairly new to astrology, I don’t quite get the terminology. I feel like I’m not catching on as quickly as I like and during a consultation I keep feeling like I’m missing something even if its taped. This creates anxiety and tension in me and to make things worse, my mind won’t stop working. Is there a way for a layperson (new to astrology) to “get” it or find a way to relax about this? I do want to make the most of the consultation or find a better way to deal with this. Appreciate any guidance you can give. Thanks

Response from Dipali

Response from Dipali
Hi, Thanks for a great question. As I’m writing to you… I can feel a whole group of people who will benefit from this question and answer.

If you are new to Astrology as a symbolic language, yes it can be overwhelming to a newbee ( or someone who is just started learning astrology or new to the consultations part of it). Astrology being a sophisticated symbol system tends to activate “both” sides of the brain – linear and non linear. When two people (the client and astrologer) get together, its not only talking (verbally) that goes on – there is so much more. There are two fields of Consciousness coming together and so much is exchanged on a non-physical and energetic level as well. Your subconscious also picks up the information and stores it. In light of this, there is more that happens which is beyond the rational mind “getting” the language. Sure it triggers anxiety if you are thinking the Astrology session is purely intellectual information gathering session. Then the mind will tend to freak out and get super stressed if something does not “register” properly.

For instance during my Consultations (all types, not just astrology), I keep mentioning to clients and individuals who are potentially interested in a consultation with me – that there is a whole lot more going on to support and guide you – than just my words or information presented. Even after I tape a consultation, people tend to get stressed thinking they missed something – yet it is the mind creating more confusion instead of clarity. Or a person listens to the tape (the words only) over and over again, still missing the mark. Certainly, the mind and ego can wind you up during a consultation. Instead of really absorbing it all and being fully present – you try to cling to the words only and thereby creating a distraction from the entire experience.

In truth, the first place you connect with another is on the non-visible level as Soul, Consciousness or Spirit with the other person (astrologer, psychic, spiritual teacher or whom ever etc) not the words. So really its consciousness to consciousness. The words from an Astrologer, Intuitive or Spiritual Teacher will encourage the mind or conscious self to take the steps or offer a direction (from point A to B to C and so on). But this is not the complete process. Truly, the real exchange that happens between client and astrologer (psychic, spiritual teacher, healer) is so much more sophisticated and on so many other levels. The mind will not be able to grasp the entirety of the process. Isn’t that a relief? In truth – Nothing is missed when you understand this and “Trust” this process.

If you are going to continue to schedule Astrology Consultations – then One Key; is to relax and be willing to receive and you will get all that you need even if the mind does’t get “it.” The Universe is wise, loving, efficient and delivers what we need not what we expect. I trust this process implicitly and I recommend you try going into a consultation with the Intention of Opening up, Willing to Receive and Trusting the Process beyond Words. See how your energy shifts and transforms. You may need to practice this.

If you find Astrology Consultations still to be overwhelming:
As a suggestion, One to One ~ personal guidance session with me is an alternative type of consultation. During this session I can use Astrology (Your Natal Chart and such) yet speak about cycles and such in common language and not use the astrology symbolism. Another suggestion is, You may consider investing in ongoing short Astrology Coaching Session(s) which takes a month at a time or you can go over areas you don’t understand.

All the best,