Can’t Look Away – Pluto turns Direct on September 11th, 2009

Pluto’s energy can be mesmerizing. Dark, Smoldering, Magnetic. You are locked into the energy and you can’t look away but you just have to keep investigating until the truth is revealed. One word best describes the symbolism: extremes.

From my perspective, Pluto regardless of being demoted into a small mushroom (just kidding), is still a big factor in interpreting astrology trends and natal charts.  As Pluto moves through the sign of Capricorn, many are building a new reality from ground zero or a fortifying or creating a new foundation in their lives. This can be on a personal, business or global level. Since earlier this year, Pluto has been retrograde in Capricorn. And we have had a chance to review and reflect on the changes and the deep transformation occurring in our lives.

On September 11th, 2009 Pluto in Capricorn at 00 degrees shifts into Direct or Forward motion.

In other words the expression of energy of Pluto in Capricorn is more outwards. You may want to look at where 00 degrees Capricorn/Aries/Libra/Cancer is in your natal chart because that is the “intense hot spot” that will become online as Pluto shifts into forward motion. Any planet situated nearby will be intensely activated, any issue that is buried underground will arise from the depths.  Capricorn is an earth element yet it is Cardinal mode of energy. This represents that the changes are dynamic and initiating in nature. You can thrive and be an active part of working through the challenges that arise in your life. This can also indicate potential for new beginnings or initiating something brand new.

Keywords to work with Pluto in Capricorn: Integrity and Responsibility

Pluto’s symbolism is like a “powerful cleansing agent for evolution and rebirth.”  Who needs Drano when you have Pluto?

Themes that may arise: large changes within systems, big corporations, any type of businesses, integrity, structural alignment, foundations, management, power to emerge. Anything that gone off balance and into the ‘extreme zone’ will be seen or felt that requires healing and restoring balance in some way. Extremely this or that can keep the polarity ongoing in physical reality which in the long run is pretty draining on your resources and energy.

On a personal level you may want to strengthen bones, the skeletal system and regularly stretch to ensure limber body. Capricorn, when off balance, can symbolize rigidity, crystallization, brittle, overly dry, lonely and austere type of energy. Pluto when off balance symbolizes corruption, greed, rage, darkness, manipulation, control issues, denial,  and any of the taboo or underworld themes that people don’t want to face. We may see more sex scandals and power or greed stories from the world of politics be exposed.

On the planet at large a lot of decay or corruption gets exposed and therefore gets a chance to either be demolished and a new birthing of system(s) or businesses or management that is based on core values of integrity, ethics, honesty and responsibility. You may learn to let go of control and learn to delegate. While others may have to learn to mature and become responsible.

Know that wherever Pluto travels in the chart the area of life or planet that is connects with as an aspect – at first go of the cycle of development is decay or deterioration. It may not look good, feel good nor are you in control of the changes. This can make any ego squirm and cry out in anguish. Yet – on a higher level Soul or Spirit is the benevolent force guiding the changes.

And as Pluto continues its trek, then piece by piece a brand new birthing of something far better than what used to exist. This is the promise of Pluto’s highest potential as it works on for our benefit and overall Soul evolution. We are supported to reclaim our empowerment (Pluto) and know that we must wield the power with wisdom, patience and maturity (Capricorn).


© Copyright 2009 Dipali Desai All rights Reserved