Honoring the Seasons and Life Cycles Through Astrology

I speak often about cycles when writing or speaking about Astrology.  And no I do not mean bicycles that one rides as a means of transportation. What I am referring to is: “Life Cycles,”  cycles of development, healing, expansion, stillness, consolidating, renewing, letting go, transcending etc. in relation to the language of Astrology.  We are reminded to embrace this idea; “Everything has a season, and Life show us that change is constant.”

The natural zodiac takes us through the four quadrants of Cardinal points: Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. Each year we move past these important gateways so to speak. Each sign attunes us to unique energies. There are also various cycles in Nature; birth, growth, harvest and death/decay. We can move with these rhythms and feel we are riding the Pulse of Life itself. Most of the time the ego and mind states that we must cling to this or that, or “what if.. walking into the unknown…” scenario. We tend to shy away from diving into the creative void, where infinite possibilities exists.

Astrology’s natural movement through the various signs of the zodiac can teach us symbolically the quality and expression we can attune ourselves to. Nothing in the physical world remains forever and if we learn to transform the fear or worry into courage and empowerment we can go a long way. We can even be fully living and expressing our purpose for life here instead of drifting off away from it.

We may even go through short phases where we birth of an idea, to the growth and nurturing of a project to the fruits of our labor and then finally one day, moving on and closing shop. There are large cycles and short cycles of development. It can ease our minds to know that even the most difficult of astrology cycles will soon pass. I’ve seen it time and time again in many people’s lives. While in the middle of it all, you can’t see it or feel it, yet trust that all things change, and Astrology’s cycles can help one tune into things. One important factor to ask ourselves is; did we experience what we needed to, learn, heal and grow as a person? We can choose to use the highest potential of any given cycle of development or healing and at the end of the day or year feel good within our being that we did our best.

Honor the Seasons of Life through the various cycles that you can relate to using the symbolic language of Astrology. Embrace that everything in the physical world changes and is temporary. Discover what it is that is eternal, unchanging and is the Source of all of life itself. We can cherish each and every moment of Life, even through difficult ordeals and come to the light at the end of the tunnel and you can choose something fresh and new.