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I was wondering, is Juno conjunct Saturn (9th house) a bad placement? Read too many fatalistic things.

Thanks for your question via Twitter.

First, my approach to astrology is highly transformative. So what many might interpret an astrological aspect to be ‘fatalistic’ – I do not. Often Astrology books can only speak in generalities and not specifics. Take what you get from a book and remain open to the potential instead of the fatalism which is dis-empowering. From my point of view, each person is an evolving being and therefore meant to be empowered using Astrology on the path of self-discovery.

For me to answer specifics, I would need to see your Natal Chart and the way in which this Juno/Saturn is combined with any other aspects connected to either of them. I’ll share an “overview” as a general approach to the aspect here:

Juno is one of the four major asteroids, and she relates to marriage. The archetype of: “The Queen” also known as Hera. She can symbolize marriage, commitment, when off-balance; betrayal and jealousy. Juno represents the type and time of marriage in the Natal Chart. You can research the mythology around Juno to find more fuller description. Remember that Juno ,depending on the placement within the Natal Chart, can be marriage or what we marry into – idea, belief, philosophy etc. of any kind.

Saturn is a planet and its symbolism suggests where we are to gain mastery through learning and life experiences. At first, we may feel inhibited or inadequate, self-imposed limitations or perhaps we need to learn discipline.  We must be patient with the organic process with Saturn in our Natal Chart. Even if we encounter delays or setbacks – if we genuinely are committed and put in the effort required we will have achieved and received fruits from our labor.

Combine Juno and Saturn in the Natal 9th House:
General Overview without using signs connected to either Juno or Saturn.

Potential: The individual must learn to be patient with any given setbacks or a slower pace when engaged in higher studies, education, travel as well as one must select wisely what one marry’s into; be it a belief, vision, philosophy or even a worldview. The person may need to overcome self-betrayal or having little faith in oneself in accomplishing or manifesting. Through a step by step committed approach one can achieve mastery and feel one’s ‘inner authority’ over subject matter that one studies or seeks to understand. One must apply (Saturn) in daily the knowledge gained to extract the wisdom.  One may encounter challenges when traveling long distance, consider this a life experience and a way of expanding tolerance for the diversity of life. Saturn’s symbolism suggests we learn the importance of grounding and making real and lasting what we want in our lives. We learn and grow through the hiccups on the road.

When it comes to a potential partner; the person may meet this person later in life.The potential partner may be someone who is from a different background or culture or possibly similar culture but lived in another country. The two people must have similar worldviews and will find that commitment as a long-term relationship comes naturally. They will have similar interests and may enjoy discussions on broad subject matters.The relationship may be a stable one depending on the aspects to both Juno/Saturn – natally. With this combination ‘ higher timing ‘ and maturity to meet the potential partner (marriage) is essential to in the end have a successful relationship.

Off balance: Juno/Saturn in the 9th house can suggest one becomes bitter, jealous and possibly engages in self-betrayal when it comes to having faith or believing in higher vision. One cuts themselves off from their higher Self or super conscious mind. One believes in limitation rather than having an expanded vision of life and higher purpose. The individual selects. Due to the immense negativity and engaging in “lack” Consciousness the person may re-create life experiences to match one’s false beliefs. A person may also be lacking tolerance and understanding for other diverse ways of life.

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  1. This is fascinating! I’ve got a Jupiter/Saturn conj in 9th with Juno squeezed in between them. Much to think about here, Dipali, thanks.

  2. Wow, thank you so much! That’s quite accurate actually. Education has not come easy to me, but nevertheless after transferring to 4 Universities (in 4 different countries) to complete my Undergrad and 2 Uni’s for my Postgrad, I’ve definitely learnt alot 🙂
    My natal Saturn sextiles natal Venus in the 7th, so hopefully that’s a good placement 🙂 – It does make my sense of commitment extremely strong.
    I just want to thank you so much for taking out the time and writing this. Its cleared my understanding of Juno & Saturn quite well 🙂

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