“Align Yourself” – Pluto in Capricorn

With Pluto in Capricorn, exposing hidden or buried secrets seems to be the norm. Like an x-ray machine Pluto’s symbolism penetrates the dense layers to reveal what’s at the core. In the case of Capricorn symbolism, it would be having integrity or none at all. Examples are being shown every day how big businesses and government officials are crossing lines or acting out of integrity left and right. Then point fingers and judge them, all the while not looking or taking personal responsibility for one’s own choices or actions which could be out of integrity too. The question is “Do we want to act shady and have some action bite us in the bum down the road?”

Pluto in Capricorn shows things on a large-scale but also it is happening on a personal level too. We see how people in position of authority abuse power and seem to not to abide by the system they have taken part in or took an oath for. It is important that Doctors, Nurses, Business people, Therapists, Astrologers, Fathers, Mothers, Healers and so forth use integrity while practicing their work or living their life.

To me integrity beyond human level morals of ‘right and wrong’, it is about something more expansive. From my perspective, “integrity” is when we align with our Soul, our innate core spiritual values.  The core love, empowerment and goodness. It is innately there, a natural part of us. We make choices  and take actions accordingly. When we are in integrity, it feels good deep inside, solid and empowering.  It’s not a state of perfection. It is a way of being and living an authentic life. A simple example is, if we say something or promise something we keep our word. If we have a mission statement, we express that in all that we do. If we say we care for our environment, we follow through in recycling or being aware of what toxic chemicals we dump into the environment. If we act out of integrity – our conscience will nip at our bums and hearts. We know it. Without a doubt, we know it, we may not even be able to sleep peacefully at night due to this. Yet people often stray away and tune it out or try their best to suppress their conscience or the voice of their Soul using medications, alcohol or some other addiction.

One common example; We trust doctors and nurses to keep our personal medical records somewhat private. We trust banks to keep our account information private. We trust lawyers to keep our case information private. Hopefully. At least that is what is told to us. What good is telling someone you will keep their records private if you go and expose it to the internet or other companies without permission? At that point we are no better than the large corporations or politicians we judge or get angry at for being corrupt. If they revealed things about us without permission or leaked it onto the internet for the sake of news or the ego’s curiosity, that breaks the oath of confidentiality. Does it not? It is the ego and mind antics that moves us out of integrity. Soul is in integrity. It can not be any other way. Even though many things are public knowledge, we must learn about what is ‘sacred space.’

The indigenous cultures give us simple examples that even though they are open and forthright to each other, they show great respect and honor each other’s sacred space. We could learn a lot from this and put it into practice into modern times. Ask yourself “What is sacred space?” How does it feel to be in sacred space?”  Pluto in Capricorn symbolically and sometimes through literal practical situations – teaches us through crisis points to ask ourselves – if our choices, actions and behaviors have integrity?

We may experience hardship of being on the receiving end of the lesson of someone violating our sacred space or we are swindled which makes us mistrust. We have the opportunity to choose to be mature, responsible and learn to honor each others sacred space even though we live in a world that is becoming more and more transparent (no secrets). Pluto in Capricorn suggests the work is not done yet. We have plenty more to learn and put into practice when it comes to empowerment and living a life of integrity. What does this mean on a personal level and a global level?

It begins with one person at a time, one business at a time. Instead of being busy with judging the outer world and large systems, pause and check yourself and adjust what needs to be so you are a living example of integrity for yourself, partner, kids and friends. Let your work be a shining example of goodness, honesty and empowerment. We can leave this world a better place for the future generations.

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  1. I agree with the comment ‘it is the ego and mind antics that move us out of integrity’….when learning to heal from the inside out, and also learning to trust someone outside of yourself, the memories from the past (mind antics) can quickly disempower and move us out of integrity with ourselves and our own highest goals and healing and growth towards our soul.


  2. Dipali, Guru speaks thru your voice. Thank you ever so much for wise directions. Since my birthday is Dec. 31, it is quite timely. Namaste !

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