Light Speed; Uranus in Aries 2011

“Dare to Go for It!  ~ Uranus in Aries”
By Dipali Desai

A Touch of “Red” Bliss to forage new trails at lightening speed.  All you need is 1 Drop, and you have arrived in the red-zone. It is super fast, the heat quickly rises and you are diving into the heart of the matter. Uranus re-enters Aries on March 11, 2011 for a much longer stay, until approximately 2018. We got a quick snapshot of Uranus in Aries themes or issues during June through July 2010.  Wake up and feel the activation happening. Surely, expressing our individuality with boldness with a bit of sass has some appeal?

Aries is the first sign of the natural zodiac. It is a fire element and cardinal mode of energy. Therefore, it is the first spark of fiery energy eager, impulsive and ready to be spontaneous. There is a tendency of immaturity and lack of patience with Aries.  We must learn to know when to take action and when to wait with patience. Transiting Uranus will travel through Aries for the next several years. A full rotation of Uranus through the natural zodiac is about 84 years. It will make major contacts to transiting Pluto in Capricorn. Get used to the pushy, passionate and direct energies that are flowing in. Change can put you in touch with your heart’s desires and yearnings for a better more fulfilled life. Break you free from a toxic relationship, limiting worldview or work atmosphere. Get you in touch with your Soul Potentials and bring in exciting opportunities.

As Uranus moves into Aries it ignites the beginning of the cardinal signs known as ‘Aries Point‘. This hot spot in astrology represents energy blazing outward into the social  or physical world. This can be high velocity energy, igniting excitement, passion and even chaotic unstable energy.  Get in gear, it is time to get moving. Aries symbolize a fresh start and new beginnings. Uranus in Aries will move with full speed ahead sometimes shocking, ruffling up, shattering, inventing and even liberating us. Spontaneity can be fun and full of wonder of what will happen next. Making life colorful and interesting. There will be catalyst(s) that will certainly prompt us into action or diving into the changes unfolding.

Here are a few keywords for Uranus in Aries symbolism:
High voltage,  self-reliance, independence, discovery, singular drive, assertiveness, meaningful and surprising events that liberate us, truth that sets us free, new ideas and actions, individuality, new seeds to be planted and more.

Dare to Change:
Of course not everyone welcomes change easily and with open arms, especially when it happens at rapid speed. And make note, Uranus’s energy is not within our personal (ego’s) control, it is known as a transcendental planet (one that is alignment with our evolution as Soul). Yet, this innovative energy is driven to sear new pathways both on an individual and collective level.  For those who resonate with the Inner Pioneer Archetype, they will feel at home and have a twinkle in their eye and a very big smile on their face. There’s a sense of being on a thrilling adventure. It’s also possible there may be a shake up of traditional roles in favor of being free of restraints to express in fresh ways. Think of a raw fiery impulses or  Divine Sparks blasting down from higher dimensions into the physical world. Then that raw energy has to be tempered and directed into something more constructive and stable. We need Sou’s wisdom, love and guidance to help us manage this highly raw dynamic energy in our personal lives as well as on the planet.

Bigger Evolution:
This rush of high-speed of dynamic energies will be sparking up the Cosmos too and everything, everyone evolves. Each small change here on the Earth, ripples into the Cosmos itself and vice versa. Everything is interconnected. The symbolism of Uranus and Aries suggests and actually has the potential to  propel us forward in magnificent ways. To boldly go where we have not gone before. Exploring new vistas, shaking up the norm or old paradigms. If we can go with it. If we don’t fight it. If we don’t rebel against it. For some, this is a big IF. We must have courage to leap into virgin territory under the guidance of our wisdom or Soul’s prompting. There will be many gifts awaiting us from Life itself. Linking us up to more than our minds can comprehend. And if we choose to trust Soul, and the Divine/God/Source.

Future Trends:
Uranus in Aries symbolizes rapid advances and technological breakthroughs are possible during this astrological cycle. Can you say futuristic? Perhaps Uranus in Aries will jolt us awake and invite us to experience a fresh start in understanding the Earth’s history in relation to the bigger Cosmic view. We may be challenged to let go of our limiting narrow mind thinking about life on the earth. So much is in store for us. We can shake loose the old and outdated. It may be we listen to our Spirit and dare to take risks with our inner wisdom leading the way. It can be a time of feeling exhilarated and free, daring to express our authentic self in fresh new ways. Let the old you go. Let the real you emerge.

Red Hot Disclaimer:
There needs to be one with this much fire moving at high velocity. Since the energy Uranus in Aries symbolizes highly active, explosive and unstable raw energy. A useful metaphor to work with is; an active volcano spewing out super  red-hot magma.  The energy of Uranus in Aries has the tendency to be very volatile, eruptive and disruptive energy as well.  This energy has the potential for liberation and or stress-inducing energy. You must consciously direct the energy.

Bear in mind, the the highly active creative energy will stir everything up. Yes, everything. The singular aim (Aries) is to awaken and liberate (Uranus). To  put us in touch with new creative energy within us as well as bring exciting opportunities. Some will ask “Who am I” outside of the role I play or used to play. And some may feel like they are a newborn, after an old identity has disintegrated. Whilst others will gravitate towards a more liberated way of experiencing reality or even spirituality.

Possible imbalance energy:
Impulsive, dominating or extremely willful, irrationally rebellious, angry, rage, explosive, and eruptive. Be aware of speeding while driving or operating machinery. Remember it not about making war (Aries) as it is about being assertive. Overly impulsive or erratic energy can create destructive chaos that stimulates possible accidents for everyone. It is possible the energy will also stir up the dense, imbalanced, dysfunctional and unexpressed energy until it is purified in the sacred fires (transformed) into fresh new energy.This process will help clear any obstructions on the path. The focus is evolution.

Helpful Suggestions:
S L O W I N G – D O W N
This will help you find and experience balance. Meditation, Spend time in Nature, Do your inner processing and healing, Learn how to manage anger, Physical movements (ie; exercise, stretching, dancing) will help.

How will Uranus in Aries influence your life?
It depends on how Uranus in Aries influences and activates your Natal Chart. Check into this because you can gain a lot of awareness about yourself, life and choices over the next seven years.

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  1. I think that Mercury Retrogrades will be welcome breathers throughout these high-voltage times. We’ll be forced to slow down.. breathe, and look back and adjust to the changes. I know the one at the end of last summer sure helped me!! 🙂

    *hugs* and Blessings

  2. Dipali:

    I had just been reading about the earthquake and tusnami that occured in Japan on March 11, 2011. I noted that the date is the same, albeit I am not certain the time, that Uranus entered into Aries. I just wanted to bring to your attention the amount of adjectives your article contains that would also suitably describe the sort of seismic events that just occured. Kind of amazing really.

    Thanks for the info.


    1. Thanks Sarah. Yes I was aware. Also, what we see happening on a global scale we will be seeing and experiencing on a individual level too and vice versa. There are also wonderful surprises in store, Life is full of birth and renewal as much as death and disasters. Welcome, glad you found the article of value 🙂

      All the best!

  3. Dipali,

    Thank you so much for this post about Uranus in Aires 2011. Your helpful tips on how to engage with this transition is helpful and has taken fear away from me about the changes that are occurring. I know these changes are Divine and necessary for all of our growth as a planet and a species. Thanks for giving me comfort to know that even if the changes that are coming at a lightning fast pace, with pause, reflection, and balance we all will get through this passionate time with lots of progress and adventure.

    Love and Hugs,

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