Chiron in Pisces on February 8th, 2011

“Your wounds do not define you, but rather let them be the precious beacon of light to heal, transform and to ultimately lead you to expressing your authentic Self. Suffering is a signal that one is out of natural alignment, it need not be a way of life” – Dipali

Chiron represents the wounded healer, teacher shaman and maverick. Pisces is about the transcendental, the world of the non-physical and spiritual. Combine these two together and we may get a mystical ticket. Where to?

A major ticket or rather an opportunity (or few) to heal the deepest core wound around feeling separate from the Divine/God and Soul. This can be on both the individual and collective level. Isn’t it time to bridge the gap or gaping hole? We carry this disconnect and suffering within our psyche whether we know it or not. We carry an imprint on the deepest cellular memory. And this wound, keeps us from really embodying our greatest potential or from seeing ourselves as empowered creative beings. It is time to learn from suffering. To choose not to keep it ongoing just so we have an excuse not to do our inner healing and to evolve.

Not every astrologer uses Chiron within the Charts. I tend to. I have seen the value and purpose of such a symbolism as Chiron acts as a bridge from the ancient to the modern. Even in birth charts, from my point of view, Chiron is a valuable asset to interpret. For those with Natal Chiron in Pisces, you will experience a “Chiron Return.” It may be wise to get a Consultation to get some insight as to how to be work with this healing developmental cycle.

Chiron in Pisces invites us to dive into the watery realm of emotions, feelings and compassion. No doubt sensitivity will be very high as will the potential to tune into higher states of Universal healing energy. As we heal our own inner emotional rifts we find we can radiate the same healing naturally to others with similar pains or wounds without trying so hard. You could say, it is a natural healing energy we emit from us that others intuitively pick up. There is an inner peacefulness we return to after our own genuine healing experience and or journey. Chiron in Pisces also invites us to feel our wholeness rather than thinking we are whole beings. It is to experience the nature of the Heart. We must feel the underlying unity and love that thread us together as One Life expressing itself.

While Chiron transits through Pisces, we may discover sore spots, delusions, where we like remaining in the state of a drift than responsibility and tendencies to remain unhealed, fragmented or remain in “wound-ology” as author and mystic, Carolyn Myss has given examples. What is woundology? It is remaining in wounds, letting them define you to the point of over identification. It’s almost as if a person or group uses it as a badge of ID, and creates stories around it. You can look up the term that Carolyn Myss coined and reflect for yourself if you are indeed doing this today.

Another way to look at Chiron’s transit through the mystical sign, instead of being entangled in the highs and lows that Pisces can symbolically keep us in, we must find the way out is to see the whole picture… rather the bigger picture. That we are indeed Soul’s here upon the earth temporarily embodying a human form and we are here to express our highest potential. With Chiron, healing is a must if we are to move out of ongoing suffering and feeling like a misfit. See how your living outside of the norm of life gives you the vast freedom to be a natural way-shower. We are invited to see our unique light or role in the bigger Cosmic Play unfolding. It is important to see ourselves beyond the small confines of being mere human, and see ourselves in our truest form as Soul, as Spirits as well. We must learn to consciously blend both sides into a oneness. Chiron in Pisces “I FEEL, Whole and Complete, as a Soul in human form experiencing here upon the Earth”

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  1. Hi Dipali – I’m new to your site, just found it and wanted to say I love what you do! So full of kindness and gentleness you are.

    My Chiron return in 4th House Aquarius was painful but very healing. Now I have Chiron beginning to transit my Pisces 5th house; have any ideas on what I can expect, or can you point me to online sites that can give me an idea?

  2. Hi Dipali,

    I was wondering if you could tell me the impact of the transiting Chiron in Pisces on my chart – I was born with Chiron in Pisces in 1962. Does this mean it’s my Chiron return? Don’t know if I want to hear that! This Virgo has just survived an excruciatingly long Saturn in the 1st house transit… ; )

    Thanks so much for your wisdom!

    Sera Marie

    1. Hi Sera,
      I would need your full birth information to determine when the Chiron Return would happen for you because it depends on the degree of your Natal Chiron if it is in Pisces.

      All the best!

  3. Hi Dipali,i am born on ____info omitted_______,and i would like to know when KHIRON returns in my case.thank you

    1. Hi firi,
      Not for a while your Natal Chiron is in Aries. Approximately the Chiron Return happens when you turn late forty and into early 50 years of age.

      All the best!

  4. Hi Dipali,

    Thanks for response above. For my understanding (and to potentially clarify for other readers):

    Even though Chiron is in Pisces in my natal chart and Chiron is currently in Pisces, this does not mean there is automatically a Chiron Return – the actual Chiron Return does not get going (in all its glory) until Chiron moves to the specific degree that it is in the Natal chart, hence there is a few years to wait for me.

    I love your writing, thank you,


  5. Hi Dipali,
    thank you for this. I was just this evening looking up Chiron in Pisces, and came across your pages (which i have been reading for the last few months anyway!)

    Please can you clarify something if you can? I am reading in different places that a Chiron Return happens to people in their late 40’s, early 50’s. But i am 42, just.

    Have i got something wrong!?

    thanks again

    1. Hi Robert,
      Thank you for your feedback about the Chiron in Pisces article. That’s a great question. In astrology, a “Return” of any type, represents a planet returning to its Natal Position by sign and degree happens within a cycle of years. So a Chiron Return may not happen exactly at 50 years of age for everyone at the same time! Another example is Saturn Return happens between 27 to 30, this range is helpful for those who are all born with a Saturn in Libra but, all have varying degrees within the chart. I hope that made sense.

      I would need to see your Birth Information to see exactly. Could you send it to me (month/day/year) – which I will keep private and not publish, just here through the comment section. And I will let you know here, on the comments section more precisely if you are going through a Chiron Return or when it begins for you.

      All the best.

      1. Hi Dipali,
        Thank you for your thoughtful response.

        This is me: …….. (birth-date omitted for privacy)


        1. Hi Robert,
          Thanks for the birth info. Yes you do have your Natal Chiron in the sign of Pisces. And the Natal Chiron in Pisces at 28 degrees (very close to 29 degrees) . This represents, in the year 2017 you will experience the beginning of your Chiron Return. Yet, you will feel this ‘return’ energy and symbolism for a while since Chiron will retrograde back and forth over the 28 deg. Pisces mark until about 2019 then the Chiron Return cycle will be done. You still have sometime to read up and prepare to make the most of the Chiron Return Cycle of Healing and Development.

          Hope this clears the confusion.

          All the best!

  6. So glad I saw your tweet. I really enjoyed this article and with my Chiron at 0 degrees Pisces it was very timely. 🙂

  7. Hi Dipali, I’m so glad I saw your tweet. Only yesterday I commented to a very close friend how strange I was feeling, the word I used to describe the sensation was “confused”…your post has certainly thrown a light on it all. Thank you always all ways.

    1. Hi Rositamar,
      Thank you for your feedback. Sometimes, we feel cast adrift within an Ocean, lost at sea. Only to surrender to what is, brings us to the shore of what will be.


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