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Hi Dipali,
I was wondering if you could tell me the impact of the transiting Chiron in Pisces on my chart – I was born with Chiron in Pisces in 1962. Does this mean it’s my Chiron return? Don’t know if I want to hear that! This Virgo has just survived an excruciatingly long Saturn in the 1st house transit… ; )  Thanks so much for your wisdom! ~ Marie

Hi Marie,
Thanks for your question. I’ll share with you possibilities and strongest probabilities according to your question. Your Natal Chiron is at 7 degrees Pisces in the 3rd House (very close to the 4th House). Yes, you are preparing for a Chiron Return. This year 2011 you prepare for it. It begins to build more intensely in April 2011 and you will notice the themes popping up within and around you. Then Chiron in Pisces goes retrograde at 5 degrees so not quite on your Natal Chiron but close enough. Next year April 1st, 2012 is when you experience  your actual Chiron Return at 7 degrees.

General Overview:

As for the influence of a Chiron Return in Pisces in the 3rd House in your Natal Chart: It is a a healing phase around perception, mental energy and communication (including siblings). A healing within the Mind and any gaps or irritations you may still  have. Any gaps or wounds will be up for healing and return to wholeness. With Chiron, the symbolism is “Bridging the Ancient with the Modern.” Since your Natal Chiron in Pisces opposes your Natal Uranus and Pluto in Virgo, I sense a new harmony where there use to be an intense divide or conflict around beliefs, worldview or being able to freely express (through voice) your convictions about life. It may be time of shedding old false beliefs or way of living life and something new and higher in vibration will emerge through you.

The Potential: During your Chiron Return, you may experience incredible healing energy and increase voltage of energy so to speak. Intuition may heighten, new tones or vibrations enter your energy field (subtle at first), as will healing energy may flow through your words. You may write, publish or share knowledge in some form or fashion. It feels like a new person or relationship will be incredible healing and supportive – spiritually uplifting to you during this time.  It will be graceful and enjoyable for you, perhaps even opening your heart energy center in a new way without much effort. Old wounds of the past fade off, leaving a tiny trace of evidence but more awareness. I would suggest grounding or being in Nature a lot more often to help facilitate the process and help the excess energy flush through you from top of the head down through the feet and into the Earth. And then up again in one big circle. It is time to ground your ideals about any given situation so that you are being
efficient and fluid with living the lifestyle.

Your feedback is welcome! Hope this sheds some light.

All the best!



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