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The question I am asking and appreciating any insight you may offer has to do with coming into knowing that Chiron has recently entered the sign of Pisces. Thus; that little voice within had me pulling up my natal chart, thus to see clearly that Chiron Rx is in my 10th House, Pisces 27 degrees, thus clearly I am entering my Chiron Return. ~ Many Blessings, TM

Response from Dipali:

Hi T,
Thanks for writing in. I’ll share with you the possibilities and strongest probabilities according to your question.

As I take a look at your Natal Chart, your Natal Chiron is at 25+ degrees Retrograde precisely connected the 10th House (From the Chart I’m using) and your Natal Saturn in Pisces at 29 degrees in the 10th house.

Generally speaking in astrology, Chiron’s symbolism is that of “Shaman, Maverick, Healer and Teacher.” Chiron is also considered the Rainbow bridge, bringing together the ancient and modern. We are invited to reclaim our wholeness with Chiron in our chart, as well as heal the deepest wound we carry into the lifetime. When one experiences a Chiron Return, there is usually some sort of Healing Crisis which is or will be happening. It can be on any level; spiritual, mental, emotional, energetic and physical (or a combination). With Chiron in Pisces, we are beckoned by the Mystical, the Spiritual to have a profoundly deep and direct experience of the Oneness of Life, not just engage in a concept or theory of it. When we are able to be in no mind, an expanded state of Consciousness where the need to label, analyze, define is let go of… we begin to have access to a more ethereal world of the unknown and pure potentiality. At times, with a Chiron Return there is a deep healing crisis that occurs in some way, and it is possible a person is able access deeper levels of healing energy, intuition, and other dimensions of reality as well which may express itself in various ways according to the Natal Chart. — Dipali

Since your Natal Chiron is  Pisces at 25 degrees, technically Chiron Return occurs around December 2017 into January 2018 so you have a way to go yet before experiencing exact themes or issues.  The concentration as you may know happens in the 10th Natal House, or area of life. This is a very public area, your reputation, status career and you interactions with Authority figures. If there are wounds, suffering or pain from the past, it will be a time to heal. You will see the opportunity to view from the eyes of Soul how each situation played its part for your path towards Soul-Actualization. Pisces symbolism teaches about acceptance, joy, unconditional love as well as diving into the darkest part and transcending to great heights within Consciousness.

You may be challenged to bring physical and spiritual, the practical and emotional into unity at another stage or level. This is part of integration of living life from the Soul-level. As you integrate the Oneness, you may draw out more of and feel at ease in channeling your unique talents and healing energy into the day-to-day world. You may even let go of the perfectionist tendencies in light of accepting mistakes as precious insights of learning for the ego. It may be easy to want to escape into higher worlds at this time, yet the challenge will be to anchor and ground this energy. In other words to experience deeply the Spiritual within the physical worlds. I also sense you may have to release limitations you have placed upon yourself from the past (transiting Chiron in Pisces conjunct Natal Saturn in Pisces in the 10th house). If you have sincerely put forth effort in the past, perhaps this is a time where you reap benefits and become an Authority figure in some form.

With your Natal Chiron in the 10th House, you are invited to feel more at ease here in the physical world. To bring healing to where you feel like you are a misfit, outcast or don’t quite belong.  The potential here is to create structures or guidelines which contain a deep healing essence and higher consciousness. Through out your life, you may have felt in adequate (as your Natal Chiron and Saturn are both in Pisces within degree of each other) in the physical world, normal career or work profession. You may feel at ease in the inner world, where there is ease, peace and quietness as well as drift in the world of imagination. Part of the journey requires you to materialize and get pragmatic (not just thinking but also actions) and also share what you have learned with the outer world, even if its in day to day conversations or simple gestures. Also to note,

As Chiron in Pisces makes its way by transit to your Natal Chiron in Pisces, it makes “Opposition” aspects to your Natal Uranus and Pluto in Virgo in the Natal 3rd House. Here you may glean more insight into yourself and the logical, rational mind’s workings. You may be challenged in some way, shape or form to surrender out dated ideas, perceptions, definitions or thinking. Before we can break away from the Wheel of Death and Rebirth on the Path of Soul-Actualization one must become fully enlightened and free from the conditioning within the mind and ego. You may be challenged here to break-free of old self-images and ways of labeling or thinking about things. There may labels, techniques and identification which conflicts with the next stage of evolution. And you may find fresh new ways to let go, express yourself more freely as well as resolve differences with a win/win solution.

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