Many Parts to the One: Uranus Pluto Square 2011- 2016

This year 2011 marks the beginning stages of the much-anticipated Uranus in Aries square Pluto in Capricorn, it begins in 2011 and goes on approximately until 2016. I hope to offer short series of blog posts on this topic to help you to understand and work with astrological symbolism on a daily basis.

It is important to see not only the macro level (on the collective front) influences of this transit between Uranus/Pluto but also how it may influence on the micro-level (your personal life). Each will be challenged to move out of complacency towards greater freedom to express differently in life.

A square aspect in Astrology is a 90 degree angle, and is considered to be a stress aspect which represents a push for growth and transformation out of limitation. When we walk or run,  we need one leg moves ahead and pushes down on the floor the other one lifts and moves, this is a similar metaphor to the movement to the “square aspect.”  The inner tension can help us spot where we are limited or stuck and then we can break through that wall. And we grow and heal along the way. We can use the strong push of energy to move us into exciting new states of Consciousness and expression in our personal and professional lives. If we are sincere with the task at hand, the Square aspect in Astrology, as annoying as it may be and that it at times forces us to be patient beyond our capacity – can bring things into manifested form (materialize).

With Uranus in Aries as a part of the equation (of the transit of the Uranus Pluto Square aspect) the changes can be rapid, surprising with major breakthroughs beyond what we’ve known. Then Pluto in Capricorn adds the depth, intensity and profound metamorphosis. Some relationships, things and situations may dismantle and decay so that something new forms in its place. A sudden shock sometimes helps us to let go or switch gears. In deed we can look forward to dramatic paradigm shifts, upheavals, profound transformations and remarkable breakdowns and breakthroughs one or in many areas of life. With Uranus/Pluto square, they are major players in Astrology we may not have personal control over what unfolds yet we can choose to ride the waves with least resistance.

Is this Uranus Pluto Square, something to fear?

Good question. From my perspective no. Yes, it is strong energy or influence that the ego has not much control over. And this will in fact, freak the ego and mind into a tizzy. What?! The Unknown? No defined answers, what’s the outcome? Sometimes the most difficult situations help us to access our inner resources and ability to trust in a higher power. We walk in humility and greater compassion after a life-altering experience or transition. We may find we are in touch with or living our life purpose now.  Evolution is the way to go, and the Uranus/Pluto embodies this energy at this stage in history upon the Earth. When we stop whining and being stuck in our personal issues, we can realize that we are a part of something really big here upon the Earth.

In simple terms with the Uranus/Pluto Square: “We must move with Life.”  – End of story.

We can receive many blessings and much joy from experiences as much as it will be shaking up the old ways of life. Sometimes old ways, denial or habits tend to stifle us, like vines wrapping around us until we feel smothered or choked – metaphorically speaking. Trust in the bigger picture to all of this, trust there is a purpose to things that occur, even if you can’t understand all of it in one sitting. Each day practice connection to the Sacred or Divine energy to help guide you and know you will be guided, comforted and led to the space or place best suited for the next stage of evolution or healing.

My sense is there may be some dramatic changes coming up the road and mixed in are some unexpected surprises that bring great delight.  If we encounter delays, we may have to learn to be patient with the higher Timing of the organic process. We may see a surge of tectonic plates shift on the Earth, the crisis of Waterways or even an increase momentum of Solar Flare activity. It’s possible we may acknowledge there is life out in the Galaxy and Universe (wouldn’t that blow history books and minds out of the water?!).  Since Aries is a part of this aspect, we may be asking ourselves not only our self-identity “Who am I” but also our Global identity “Who are We”  in relation to the Galactic picture.

We may have to re-write history books or change the financial and other out-dated systems. There may be accelerated breakthroughs in technological and scientific advances. We may experienced a re-balancing or shift in power upon the Earth. We may see and hear about exposure of corrupt systems or organizations. It is possible to have plenty of opportunity to deepen trust and empowerment.

Our paradigms may change yet we may also have new foundations to step onto. It is best not to be overly involved with toxic or negative people during such transitions as this may create more fear and anxiety. Choose to be around those who inspire, uplift and empower you to the new space you are headed towards.

It is strongly advised to have an Update or Transits Chart Consultation if not with me, then from your trusted Astrologer if you have not had one in the last year or so. Or simply ask for a 1 Topic Consultation where you can discuss and understand how the Uranus Pluto Square will influence your life and being. Don’t procrastinate because the energy between Uranus Pluto is already building and activating things.

It is in the joy of overcoming adversity we see what type of stuff we are made up of!

The Uranus/Pluto Square will be ongoing until approximately 2016, Life will look, feel and be experienced very differently by then.  Powerful repressed energies will want to surface and new creative expression will want to be unleashed. What I can say is now is the time to shift out of “survival mode” of operating in Life and begin to thrive and to fully live Life consciously and responsibly.  It is possible we see dysfunctional World systems, definitions, forms and structures dying. And new things forming or birthing upon the Earth.

It is both an exciting feeling of what is yet to be born and the letting go of false security which tends to create anxiety.  How will you choose to work with the Uranus/Pluto Square in your life?

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