How to Head towards the Light at the end of the Tunnel – Pluto Transit

Any type of Pluto transit is one that promises to leave nothing – not one speck unturned or unchecked. There is complete and total demolition so something new is born in place of the old. A Pluto transit is an incredibly important phase of development. It is truly a magnificent process once you are at the end of the tunnel and see the light.  Pluto transits symbolizes a time of total degeneration and decay. We journey into the symbolic “Underworld” eventually emerge reborn. This can be a symbolism of “The Dark Night of the Soul.”

Instead of fearing a Pluto Transit, join up with the potential. The potential of a Pluto transit can be viewed as a powerful ally and friend in the evolutionary process. Pluto symbolizes power, death, rebirth, transmutation, transformation and resurrection plus other things.

We certainly come face to face with the deepest darkest fears that are lurking in the caverns of our being under a Pluto transit. Yet facing this is a basic requirement of Pluto’s transit.  Pluto also symbolizes the unconscious as well as what we hold buried in our cellular memory. It is whatever has become extreme and gone way off-balance.

Here are 7 suggestions to work with a Pluto Transit:

1.) Do not resist it, try to avoid it, deny it or hide from it. The buried, repressed, suppressed, addictive and secretive stuff will be exposed to the light of Truth. There is no way to avoid this. Exposure is a necessity under a Pluto Transit. Welcome this phase as it is your ally and ultimately will help you become more empowered. Denying it will only prolong the process and ultimately make it feel worse for you. Resistance is futile under a Pluto transit. Your willingness helps you tune into moving with ease than hardship.

2.) Eliminate whatever no longer holds value to you or your life. This is necessary as  Pluto transits provide the greatest “detox or purge” possible. Do not cling to things that are already decaying or symbolically dying. You will be stripped bare have no doubt. Yet this provides freedom too. Practice letting go, recycle and create space for something new to ultimately manifest. Go into this transit with awareness and even if your emotions go up and down during it – you will find you make headway moving with the flow of energy instead of exhausting yourself fighting it.

3.) Do not attempt to control. Control is futile under Pluto Transit because you are really not in control of the massive overhaul you are about to go through or are going through. Issues of control, trust and power are intensified under this transit. It is wise to learn how to surrender into the hands of the Divine or higher power to understand the nature of real power and empowerment. It is also wise to join the little will of the ego with Divine Will.

4.) Spiritual Insight and understanding arrives in the aftermath. Sometimes during the actual transit, in the middle of the tumultuous detox and cleansing the lessons and experiences do not make total sense. It will make sense in hindsight. Keep a journal or notebook handy to take notes along the way.

5.) It starts on the subtle levels and arrives into the physical level. With Pluto transits, the detox and changes begin on real subtle or non-visible levels. Like bubbles at the bottom of the Ocean, they work their way upwards to the surface. So to does the transformation and metamorphosis with Pluto Transits. The physical manifestation will be seen soon enough as major changes reveal themselves.

6.) A sense of death, dying, grief and loss. These themes are real under a Pluto Transit. Death may be symbolic – like an aspect of self or identity dying or literal. There may be a death of a job, relationship, pet or loved one. How a person handles crisis points is also important. The fear around mortality and attachment to the body or loved ones will also arise. As Pluto Transits provide the lessons on how to trust and let go. To help align a person to “energy never dies, only transforms into a new form or expression.” The grief helps to cleanse stuck emotions and energies within the body helping each to become more in tune with emotional awareness and empowerment. This allows love to heal and restore harmony.

7.) Becoming comfortable within the Void. Sitting in the void, is like sitting in the darkness underground. The space in the void is similar to fertile soil. It may look or feel as if nothing is moving or able to be seen. This stillness is a necessity in that it a part of the phase before things start to move and manifest.

8.) Have a select few Trusted people as support network. Under a Pluto transit you want to rely on people you trust to give you objective input. It may be people out side of your inner circle who will be blunt, honest and compassionate with you. You need that “cut through the bullshit” approach so just in case — you are steeped in denial they will point out the truth to help you move alone. There are blind spots under this transit so it is best to ask for help or insight should you need it.

9.) Accessing Resources you never knew you had. Through deep and profound crisis points, fear and destruction – presents an opportunity to dig deep inside of yourself to access resources you never knew you had within you. It could be strength, wisdom, maturity, patience, empowerment, trust, perseverance, healing or the foresight. It could be anything and everything.

10.) Have not doubt – There is Light at the End of the Tunnel. Just because you are dragged to your personal Underworld or hell through this type of phase of development does not mean you will always be there. Well you can if you choose it. However the ultimate goal with Pluto transit is to bring you back into the light or conscious awareness and empowerment. You are brought back to the world you live in so you can practice remaining empowered and in trust.

So be prepared, it may not look good, feel good, smell good or taste good in the beginning or in the middle of such a Pluto transit. In the end, there is potential for you to resurrect like the Phoenix rising from the ashes with a higher level of awareness and empowerment.

© Copyright 2012  Dipali Desai. All Rights Reserved