Second Aspect of Uranus Square Pluto Transit – September 18th, 2012

We have quickly arrived at the second aspect of the Uranus Square Pluto transit on September 18th, 2012. Where did the time go? The energy right now can be seen as a boxing match. You can hear the bell going ding ding. The crowd is quiet in anticipation. Round two. The players are warmed up and ready to fight it out. In this corner “conscious awareness” and in the other corner “the walking dead”.  Yes you heard right. Who will win? You may be wondering why this metaphor is being used. For good reason, I must say.

If you have been watching television for a little while now, you may have noticed the increase craze in the ‘living dead or zombies’ or the ‘walking dead’. From movies, TV shows, fantasy makeup and so forth. Certainly death is to be embraced and not to be feared yet is it necessary to glorify flesh eating zombies or the walking dead?

If you dare, then let’s take a closer look at the metaphor of the “Walking Dead” and how it may relate to the Uranus Square Pluto transit happening now. The walking dead can be those individuals who are living a life in a state of total ignorance, pouring toxic chemicals into their body (through food, drugs, preservatives, chemical exposure, addictions etc), watching mind numbing TV or movies as well as suffocating their life force in the body through toxins. They are only barely alive. Mostly numb. Going through the very basic motions in life yet not living an authentic life full of vitality and meaning. One wonders, what is the fascination with this? What is so appealing about walking dead, zombies or flesh eating whatever?

From my perspective, this is a clear example of the Uranus Square Pluto transit. The ‘walking dead, zombies, living dead, etc. can be seen as a metaphor of the dense ignorant energies inside a person, a state, country, race and so forth. In addition, there is a dramatic increase in extreme horror movies, violent video games and zombies eating human flesh. It is very  gory, graphic and pretty nasty if it was to become real. Though it is in a way -real when we see how people are living and harming themselves or others, brutalized or totally immersed in addiction. And each person in a way is the ‘walking dead’ until one day – they wake up to ask deeper questions about life and go about creating a healthier loving lifestyle.

Look at the level of violence in the world. It is in the media 24/7. A shooting, drugs, prostitution, killing spree and so many more types of indicators that there is a major purge happening now. As another example, there are many underground designer drugs being introduced. Take the one called “Bath Salts” and its extreme side effects which tends to stimulate people to cannibalize other people. Not to mention additional the increase in drugs, sex, violence. corruption, extortion and dysfunctional stuff that happens underground or behind the scenes on a overall level. The more one engages in this behavior or links up with so called friends around these circles – the more the ‘the walking dead’ becomes wide spread.

Another example; you hate yourself and keep doing harmful or self-destructive habits daily (overtly or secretively).  These things can deplete you enough to walk around like skin, bones and almost half-dead looking. Have you ever seen an addict? The extremes they go and how they live as well as how they look when you see them. That is a simple example of the “lack” of love and degeneration happening.

When a person remains in a state of darkness or total ignorance and complete denial they are similar to walking dead.  Think about how a person functions and how they are anywhere but near manifesting their potential.  Will the ‘Walking Dead’ over populate the Earth? No. Just to state again, it is being used as a metaphor not literal. Thought it does seem like the Underworld is on the surface of the Earth? Yes. Anyone that is not fully awake, aware and expressing themselves from their higher potential could potentially be one of the “walking dead” metaphorically speaking, somewhere on the range of the spectrum.

The first aspect of Uranus/Pluto happened back in June 2012. June and July 2012 were highly charged and intense times. You may want to read the two other articles on this transit article A and article B as a recap.

The Uranus Square Pluto aspect is certain to bring the deepest, darkest, nastiest and gruesome to the surface to purge, expose and in the fires of purification. Anyone that maybe thinks they can see themselves as the ‘walking dead’ walking around in their life half alive can turn their life around. Empowerment is at your fingertips and can put the life back into you. Some may choose to simply fade away. This is part of the major transition and choice point that everyone is at. And no longer can you shrug it off – it is time to take action!

Uranus/Pluto aspect has a directive to pursue. Total annihilation or death for a total rebirth and resurrection this can be symbolic, energetic or literal. We must set healthy guidelines and mature into being more conscious compassionate individuals. It is important to have courage to face the fears and the assertive energy to make decisions and take charge where you can. Remember this astrological cycle activates on a personal and global or collective level. Oh and by the way, a big transit like this one with Uranus/Pluto – the details are not in your hands. And there goes the illusion that you, the ego, are in control over this.

Only the willingness to go with what is happening is your choice to make. This is Grace in action. A strong powerful push towards evolution and moving from a state of ignorance into conscious awareness. A huge expansive wave of love helping us to remember our true nature. From removing the obstacles and limitations that have been set up or crystallized by the egoic mind (ego and mind).

Here, your true nature as Soul as Consciousness is exposed and then has the freedom to more easily direct your life. Don’t think you are powerless. You are not. You are anything but powerless. At your core you are an empowered conscious vast being. You are here as a human being to express this beauty and compassion. To share your creative potential and take care of the planet you reside upon.

Wake up. Wake up now. Take charge and live a life of meaning and manifest your higher potential. Each moment that slips by is one more you don’t have. You are inhabiting a finite body. Today is the moment. Grab it and move. We have five more aspects before the Uranus Square Pluto transit is complete. Get used to it. Remember, there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Where is the Uranus Square Pluto transit happening in your life?

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