“Taking a Serious Look at….” – Saturn in Scorpio Transit October 2012 through 2014

Transiting Saturn enters the sign of Scorpio on October 5th, 2012 and the transit lasts until approximately December 2014. Saturn’s symbolism suggests “taking a serious look at…” in this case, the themes of Scorpio. With a Saturn cycle of development, we take a look at the deepest inadequacy or fear and transforming that into strength and mastery. It is a phase of maturity too, on that helps us incorporate patience and perseverance. Saturn’s transit through Scorpio, suggests that each individual and group will have to become responsible for addressing and clearing out their personal “underworld.” One must take responsibility for one’s choices, actions and behavior before transformation can occur.

“Soul prompts one to experience the truth behind the curtain of illusion, to acknowledge that the non-physical reality nourishes the physical reality. The depth of love that is felt as Soul, turns shards of betrayal and bitterness into gold. Truth is revealed.

The astrological sign of Scorpio is a water element (attuning to deep currents of feelings and emotions) and a fixed expression or mode of energy. The “all or nothing” is experienced with Scorpio and at times stays very crisp in the black and white duality. The extremes are given with sign, but you want to use the extremes in a way that is healthy and empowering. Scorpio wants to “feel deeply and intimately” not just about sex, but rather, on every level; Spiritual, mental, emotional, physical.

The fixed mode of energy signifies potential to have a laser beam like concentration once a goal or idea is set, and emotions or feelings then fuel that up until manifestation occurs. Yet on the “off-balance” nature of Fixed mode of expression, one can become fixated, obsessed, addicted to or overly rigid and stubborn or unyielding. This is not helpful for it stagnate one’s growth and healing.

Saturn symbolizes; keeper of time or higher Diving timing and the master coach. Some key qualities of Saturn are; guidelines, tradition, conservative, structure, respect, obedience, rules, restriction, control, authority, time, matter, fear, lack, self-imposed limitations or poverty.

The harder you resist and fight what you as the ego/personality need to learn the harder it will be under this phase. It is best not to be overly fixated or stubborn otherwise the only person that will suffer is you. Saturn’s transits are not all gloom and doom, so shake off that misconception and fear. It is time to transform your view and approach to this transit. Saturn’s symbolism provides plenty of rewards and recognition if you are willing to learn and embrace the challenge as stepping-stones towards maturity and growth. There are wonderful things that manifest under a Saturn Transit.

Which signs will be up close and personal with Saturn’s Transit through Scorpio?

  • The main sign is: Scorpio
  • Fixed Signs: Scorpio, Taurus, Leo, Aquarius
  • Water Signs: Scorpio, Pisces, cancer
  • Other signs will also notice this transit but in more relaxed way.
  • Check your Natal Chart see if you have any planets in Fixed Signs and the degrees, that will help determine how and when to prepare for Saturn’s transit in Scorpio.

Those experiencing their 1st Saturn Return in Scorpio or 2nd Saturn return in Scorpio will notice this transit too since a Saturn Return is a major cycle in Astrology and development.

What will be taking a serious look at? Here are a few general key points:

– Investigation: of the subtle world of non-physical, energetics of emotional world.

– Responsible Merge: whomever or whatever you merge with such as a business partner, bank, romantic partner, or sexual partner — be responsible with your choices, actions and behaviors.

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