Turning on the Inner Fire

Hot, steamy, relaxed, trusting, sensual, sizzling, sacred, loving, close, flirtatious and respectful. Looking at the various elements (air, fire, water, earth) of the astrological signs and relating that to sexual energy – it can begin to give you greater awareness of what rocks your boat and turns on the “inner fire.” Because what will work for one person may not work for another. What a perfect topic to review during this Venus Retrograde in Aries!

Even if you aren’t ‘feelin’ hot and fiery now during this retrograde phase, you may want to brush up for later on. Did you know? That the element of an astrological sign or sun sign is not the only factor involved when understanding sexual energy, desire, action and intimacy on all levels. Because Sun sign will not give you the full scope of knowledge into the inner workings of sexuality, intimacy and relating.

Let’s take a quick scan over the elements to offering insight. These planets (including elements) will be your “A” spots where you can see what turns you on hot and or leaves you totally cold.  Remember your natal Mars plays a big role (symbolizing sexual energy), Moon, Venus, Pluto, Asteroid Vesta and possibly your Sun sign.  Don’t forget to look at aspects and any other planets that make a connection to the planets mentioned above.

If you don’t know how to connect the Natal aspects or interpret the natal chart – don’t self astro-prescribe and add fear to your understanding – ask a trusted astrologer for more accurate insight. You can ask for a specific consultation in where you focus on the area of intimacy, sexuality, emotional connection and such.  This could be a healing salve to your relationship or future experience.

There are square concrete boxes sitting between our intimate encounter squashing out the fire. Sometimes traumas,abusive situations, painful endings, judgments, our own perceptions, habits, guilt, shame, criticism, wounds, etc. can also inhibit and restrict the flow of sexual energy.  Yes it is important to heal, confront, process and evolve to remove these so that you can have a healthy sexual intimate experience.

Instead of being Dr.Astro-Investigate and figuring our your partner and their inner workings, start by gaining insight into yourself first! When you feel good, trust and relax into your own body and being then offer more and be more full attentive to your partner and the entire steamy sensual experience. This article with the elements is a very very general overview to help get your fire blazing.

Air Signs
Gemini, Libra and Aquarius

Share those brilliant ideas, Talk to me baby and keep the communication lines going 24/7. Quickest way to for the Air element to be on ‘fire’ is sharing information and letting your intelligence shine brightly.  Try to have a juicy deep discussion on mutually interesting topics and see how you soar into new altitudes with each other.

Fire Signs
Aries, Leo and Sagittarius

The Adventure of speed and conquest. Action is everything, the chase is thrilling and the conquest is the ultimate. Passion is blazing for this element and movement is essential for the “fire and heat” being turned up. Try getting the heat pumped up by doing something daring and exciting that will help get the sense of adventure going. Talk less, act more.

Water Signs
Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

Feeling Everything.  Create the experience to feel safe, comfy, steamy, passionate and really good and it’s like a great Ocean parts way and the person opens up fully. This element needs the emotional intimacy, bonding, sentiments and care to get the “fire and heat” being turned up. Get the feelings and emotions on board and you will float into wide open space. Romance it up.

Earth Signs
Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn are sensual lovers.

Totally sensual; touch, sight, smell, hearing, taste all play an integral role in the “fire and heat” being turned up. Being in physical proximity with a loved one will make the body tingle and reach out for touch or to embrace or be embraced. Create a totally rich, sensual, earthy experience and feel how grounded the experience becomes – it may tingle you to your roots and toes.