“Does your relationship have to end during a Pluto transit?” – Ask Dipali

“Does your relationship have to end during a Pluto transit?”

Response from Dipali:

This is a great question. The answer is no it does not have to end. The old way way of relating, interacting, trusting, etc may have to end or change in a powerful way. There is an intense push for growth and healing, yet it also depends on what type of aspect Pluto makes to which Natal planet in the Natal Chart.

The very important factor is the relationship may undergo crisis, transformation, and rebirth. Under any Pluto transit, the old will die or fall away and something brand new will be born from it. If two people, intimate relationship or business – are on the same page and work with the clear intention of deep catharsis and transformation and are willing to let go for something new to emerge, then the relationship has the potential to remain. Oftentimes, two people are not on the same page with one another or one is consciously evolving while another is not. That will be a glaring difference and may impact the relationship where it could potentially fall apart and a breakdown occurs.

The person going through the Pluto transit will have to be more conscious about unconscious fears and such coming up and how it influences the relationship. The other person may notice the partner having to undergo intense changes and how they react or respond to that is free will.

Remember, with a Pluto Transit, it is about empowerment and being willing to evolve instead of clinging to the outdated or what is symbolically dying. Pluto’s symbolism provides a beautiful opportunity for a rebirth and emergence of something healthier and stronger.

All the best!

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