“You are Worth It” – Transit: Pluto Square Venus

When transiting Pluto makes a tense “Square” aspect to Natal Venus, be prepared for a major remodeling, reconstruction, demolition and dismantling of core fears.  The old is disintegrates and something brand new is born in its place. Be prepared to surrender what is outdated and no longer of value to your evolution and Spiritual growth. Certainly old relationships, ways of relating and giving and receiving will deeply transform. In the beginning of this transit, one may feel a profound loss, lack or intense limitation.  The most intense of situation or issue is the pathway towards greater self-love and empowerment.

Be prepared to let go. I mean, really really let go. With any Pluto transit, we are reminded to allow energy to flow, move and transform from one state to another. This is especially true for anything or anyone that no longer is in alignment with one’s higher purpose.  The square aspect symbolizes ‘major growth,’ change and potentially maturity.


There is also a sense of feeling subjective and even blind-spots or feeling boxed in with this transit.  A person will certainly be the witness of where self-betrayal, lack of trust or issues around powerlessness and extreme off-balance has occurred or is happening. Deep wounds and traumas may come up for purging, healing to lead one towards empowerment.

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  1. Pluto Rx in Capricorn (5th house transit) squaring my natal Venus (8th house, Aries)…finances, love, yes have all been shot to hell and lost! The transit is supposed to last til late 2014…hope I make it til then! 🙂 Thanks.

    1. Hi Juell, Thanks for sharing your experience.

      Surely you will last until 2014.

      Remember that another gift that Pluto transits bring is resilience and resourcefulness. You can deeply connect daily to your Soul and know that the Spiritual connection will be your life-vest so to speak through this intense transit. What has died or is gone, something new is reborn, be assured this too is a part of Pluto’s gift and transit. From the Underworld, to rising into the Light something new emerges. Just ask the Phoenix that went into the fires of purification and has risen from the ashes reborn 😉

      All the best.

      1. Venus rules my 2nd and 9th houses, so indeed a deeper connection to Spirit has been invaluable and my saving grace during all of this. Many thanks to Pluto and blessings to you…your healing words are reassuring.

  2. this is so awesome and EXACTLY what’s going on with my life!! I’m filled with relief and excitement and would like to shout “Thank YOU!” to the cosmos for preparing my body and mind in this new era of the 4th Dimension!

  3. Very helpful for those of us with 8-9 degree natal Venus in Libra!
    However, it is compounded this year by the concurrent Uranus opposition from Aries, as well.

    Thank you

    1. Hi GEB,
      Welcome. Yes it is, and that is why getting a transits consultation/reading helps to personalize the transit information.This article on the Pluto/Venus transit can be for any sign. If we take the cardinal signs; Aries, Libra, Cancer and Capricorn into account now in relation a person’s natal chart who has a Cardinal sign Venus — then yes!

      All the best

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