Uranus Square Pluto – May 20th, 2013

ctw1blgUranus ‘Square’ Pluto happens for a third aspect on May 20th, 2013. It is a fascinating transit to watch and it may be a difficult cycle of development to go through at peak moments of intensity both on individual level and collective consciousness.

So far, if you have been monitering the major issues that are arising since the very first aspect formed between these two powerhouse planetary energy, you will be used to knowing how to manage and use this energy with wisdom and great care.

There is no doubt of the “all or nothing” vibe that accompanies this transit. It is definitely gearing people up to face what you need to face and address what needs to be addressed. With that comes pretty profound growth, healing and of course major break-through as well as seeing yourself becoming more resourceful and empowered.

We have a few more major aspects between Uranus/Pluto before this is all over. You have some time before we build up to the next major peak. Research, adjust and make use of the space that is provided for you to do the growth and healing required. Most of all look for the insights and profound wisdom that comes through life experiences now.