Neptune Retrograde in Pisces – June 7th 2013

One of the major themes with Neptune transit is dissolution from form or something defined into no-thing-ness as well as formlessness. This can be very disconcerting to the rational mind and ego. And since Neptune has been transiting through the mystical sign of Pisces, this theme is even more heightened. On June 7th, 2013 Neptune moves into its Retrograde phase at 5 degrees Pisces until about early November 2013. There is a mist swirling about everyone which seems to be symbolically or literally blurring the distinct boundaries between reality and other worldly, illusion and what is real, escapism and dealing with life.  Checking in with inner guidance before making decisions is helpful as is listening to the wisdom within the heart.

ctw1blgThe days surrounding this shift, symbolize the possibility of acute sensitivity, confusion, lethargy, the desire to escape reality and even dream-time symbolism may change in some way.If you need to rest and renew more, do it, don’t analyze why. With Neptune in its retrograde phase, we have the opportunity to be reflective and be more introspective on themes such as our connection to the Divine, Spirituality, inspiration, compassion, unconditional love and forgiveness.

Neptune retrograde in Pisces provides the opportunity to adjust and even learn more about relaxation, silence and meditation. Living a stressful life is a choice. Living a life that feels cut off from the Divine is a choice. Neptune in Pisces over time and through its transit has the potential to bring each to a renewed connection to Soul and the Divine. It is possible to feel a yearning for something beautiful, loving and good now. Instead of numbing out, feel into this and recognize you are that which you seek and all of life can help you fill in the spots that feel void or empty.

The astrological signs of Pisces, Virgo, Gemini, and Sagittarius may be feeling a bit of over-whelm especially if you have planets in your Natal Chart between 0 to 8 degrees of those signs. Remember, surrender into the flow rather than fighting things. Take one step at a time to your intended goal or destination and you will arrive in good time. Be sure to carefully and slowly go over details as Neptune shifts into retrograde there may be details that are overlooked or not clear.

Neptune in Pisces brings each in touch with surrender into all of life. Learning to appreciate the stillness and being at one with the flow and all of life is the best way to work with Neptune transits. Being in Nature will help balance the water with some earth element. If you are feeling overly saturated with feelings and emotions, go take a walk in Nature or do something in the Garden. The Earth’s Consciousness can be incredibly supportive to everyone right now. Breathe in relaxation and know you are peace itself as Soul.

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