Jupiter in Cancer – June 25th, 2013

On June 25th, 2013, transiting Jupiter enters Cancer and will remain in this water sign until July 16th, 2014. We are going to be “feeling” in super-size ways so it is wise to become acquainted with and comfortable expressing your emotional self.  As Jupiter moves through Cancer, we may want to have meaningful connections with family members and understand generational issues within our family tree or ancestral lineage. We are going to want to connect with those people, things, experiences which deeply nourish our being right down to the core-level. Sounds heavenly?! It is.

What does Jupiter symbolize in astrology? Jupiter symbolizes growth, expansion in Consciousness, massive opportunity, integration, wisdom, big vision and synthesis.  Cancer is a cardinal mode of energy and thus it is a dynamic water sign even if it at times takes the side-ways approach. Though the sign of Cancer is a strong family oriented sign, it also reminds us to go with the flow and practice paying attention to “gut feelings.”

Therefore, Jupiter in Cancer may expand the need for more emotional bonding and deeper levels of emotional intimacy. Those who carry the nourishing life-giving vibration may be the ones that people gravitate to. It will happen through a natural feeling sense than logic.

We may also go on a quest to understand more about our family, ancestry, and explore the past so the present can heal and change for the better. Or it is possible to attend classes, events and gatherings which also feel nourishing and helps to promote growth and expand-self-knowledge. It is possible for some people to question “Where do I belong?” if they do not feel at ease within their biological family they may find others who ‘feel’ like family and the question of belonging ceases to be an obstacle.

Certain key issues around family, family dynamics, emotional security may become magnified. Beliefs that are family based or cultural may also be magnified to see which ones are limiting and false and which ones are truly supporting the expansion and dynamic growth.

Healing  Family Ties and Tree deep into the Roots.

Energy healing sessions with a trusted wise Healer will very helpful and valuable to remove genetic imprints and energetic patterns that are carried forward that keep a person living in ‘repeated loops.’  These loops can be also within the subconscious and astral layer within the energetic field of an individual not to mention energetic centers (chakras).

When a person is “subjective or inside” the trauma, pain or suffering it is challenging to move the energetic or emotional blockage  or remove the energetic relational cord (to mother or father). Sometimes the person just doesn’t have the proper energetic “fuel” to do effective healing or cleansing work.

This is where it is beneficial to have an objective person/healer be the facilitator of the process and have an open heart high vibrational space so the individual can have the more lasting shift and healing. Remember, that healing is not about “fixing” it is more like removing what is not authentically ours and ours to carry. This supports opening up to our higher potential as energetic pathway is open and clear for the energetic system.

Engaging in this deep energetic therapeutic work can help us to grow, heal and transform ancient patterns of the past that are unhealthy and no longer need to be carried into the future.  When an individual engages in powerful healing, then that same beautiful energy floods the family tree down to the roots (through to ancestors). This is love in action. [Why is it helpful to have more than one session? Some energetic patterns run very deep or chronic, therefore a series of sessions are required to completely get to the core of things.]

Through Jupiter’s transit through Cancer, it is imperative to extract truth and meaning through first-hand experiences.  Next to digest and assimilate the experience and finally  will gather a lot of wisdom through this process so it can be integrated into daily life. Also, as Jupiter moves through this water sign, we are drawn to explore and learn more about feelings, emotions and even emotional pain or reactions is a part of this transit. Have no doubt some emotional-level issues will be magnified so healing can take place

With Jupiter in Cancer, it is possible to expand out of old stifling comfort zones, expanding parameters so that one can experience new adventures and things in life. One thing is for certain, as Jupiter transits through Cancer, growth comes through greater emotional awareness and being comfortable in being open and vulnerable.   Jupiter in Cancer can symbolize a time of fertility and abundance in creative intuitive inspirations.

How will you use the potential of this transit in a constructive and empowering way?

Share your experiences and comments here on the blog.

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