“Blissful Waves” – Grand Water Trine Aspect 2013 Jupiter, Neptune and Saturn

As early as mid to late June 2013, there is a gorgeous astrological aspect building as Jupiter enters Cancer and connects with Neptune in Pisces retrograde and Saturn in Scorpio retrograde. You can view it symbolically as  “Blissful Waves” stirring the yearning for emotional intimacy and expanding Love Consciousness. On a Spiritual level, this grand trine aspect  ignites the Sacred Feminine or the Divine Mother energy as well.

With the element of water being highlighted, we may yearn for blissful experiences, feeling unconditional love as well as heightening intuition and the feelings that help us remember the beauty of the Sacred Feminine vibration within all. To love and be loved is what feels to be rising within many people now. Take this opportunity to deepen emotional intimacy and expand emotional awareness with self and others.

Let’s break it down in simple terms so one can see the bigger purpose of this Grand Water Trine:

We will feel this astrological aspect June into July 2013 in huge yet subtle ways. July 17th, 2013 is the exact aspect. The window for this energy opens at the Solstice on June 21st, 2013.

Jupiter in Cancer symbolizing the potential:  increase or expansion of nurturing and nourishment, family and emotional security are paramount.

Saturn in Scorpio retrograde symbolizing the potential:  deep profound intimacy and regeneration as well as mature emotional expression and empowerment

Neptune in Pisces retrograde symbolizing potential:  increase in Spiritual and mystical blissful feelings, or a love that is without conditions and strings leading us back to Oneness. Forgiveness can happen effortlessly with this energy.

With any “Grand Trine” aspect, we have to direct and use the potential otherwise it floats by as a ‘feel good’ vibe and nothing much comes of it.  Perhaps the Uranus Square Pluto and Mercury Retrograde phase in Cancer will be the catalysts that help us to do so.

Here are some more possible themes: It is possible that for those who are attuned and sensitive, certain energies feel magnified such as love, compassion, joy and bliss. Each can choose to consciously feel this in themselves and allow the gifts of this aspect to reveal themselves through the space of the heart energy. Dreams may increase, creative expressions flow, inspirational waves may activate as well feeling nurtured and supported by all of life and the Universe.

The Grand Water Trine between Jupiter in Cancer/Neptune in Pisces retrograde and Saturn in Scorpio symbolizes beauty, bliss and expansive feelings of love and nurturing.  We have the opportunity to heal and forgive, become in touch with other-dimensions or other worldly connection to loved ones who have transitioned out of the physical body.

We may decide to heal our relationship with our biological mother and nurture our relationship with the Sacred Feminine and Divine Mother. There may be an increase of realizations around how the Sacred Feminine is a part of our being and in our lives. It is possible to feel the empowerment and strength while remaining loving and vulnerable as well as feeling like we are able to trust in the love and goodness that underlies all of life and life experiences.

There is also potential for “Soul Groups” to reconnect and form. It is very likely to meet other individuals who feel like “family, but more like Soul Family or Group.” We will have a deep knowing in our heart and the synchronicity will play a bit part in the meeting. So for those who are yearning for connection, relationships and so forth, this gorgeous “Grand Water Trine” can be a huge benefit. Keep a clear intention for the energy to manifest in your life and take notice of it.

“Go with the Flow and Listen to Inner Guidance”

Meditation and sitting in silence will bring insights through subtle or over feelings. What if inner guidance gives you nudges without details and then as you pay attention and choose to follow the nudge(s) it leads you to an expansive opportunity? You can see it is very possible to get that “feeling” about something, then follow it and see what the Universe has in store for you.

It is good to take note that the “Grand Water Trine” increases one’s capacity to feel and express feelings. For some people this may be out of the ordinary or feel very uncomfortable. For others, they are right at home in the realm of love and non-rational waves. While for others it may create emotional overwhelm if there is not enough grounding or structure for them to handle things.

How and what areas of life this “Grand Water Trine” between Jupiter/Neptune and Saturn influences you personally will be determined on taking a closer look within the Natal Chart.

Most of all, enjoy the sensations, share with others your beautiful heart-felt experiences and use the energy to help heal, inspire and soothe yourself and others as well as the Earth itself. As you heal yourself, you heal the world.

© Copyright 2013 – Dipali Desai. All Rights Reserved