Celestial Twinkle: Uranus Retrograde in Aries July 17th, 2013

Notice the undercurrent today? Uranus in Aries shifts into Retrograde phase until later this year 2013.  Uranus symbolizes shocks, upsets in the status quo and certainly awakening to one’s potential beyond the ego.

Tumbling, shifting and certainly pushing one to be more conscious of choices, decisions, actions and behaviors. Be straight with yourself and others instead of going in circles. Unusual insights may appear.  As Uranus shifts into Retrograde phase, it does so activating the tense aspect to Pluto in Capricorn retrograde. Old issues may be activated in some way, thus one may feel the intense energy waves of anxiety, fear and possible exhaustion. If you are feeling limited in some way, it is possible you may need to take a healthy proactive stand and action towards creating freedom for yourself and energy.

Uranus retrograde phase provides the “standby and breathing” room to contemplate the past few months of fast pace motion and then adjust things to accommodate new changes and create room for new innovative ideas and opportunities that will appear as Uranus goes direct later this year.