Celestial Twinkle: Neptune in Pisces Direct Motion Nov.13th, 2013

Feeling a bit dreamy and or not altogether present? Noticing subtle waves of energies gently caressing areas that need the inspiration?  The planet that symbolizes Spirituality, mystical experiences, inspiration and the transcendental; Neptune in Pisces at 2 degrees goes Direct motion on November 13th, 2013. What does this represent and how to best work alongside of this shift in energy and within Consciousness?
Key interests in meditation, peacefulness, energy healing, exploring one’s true or authentic self as Soul or Consciousness, living and expressing compassion and unconditional love, releasing unnecessary suffering and learning to trust real intuition. Neptune symbolizes all things non-visible, ethereal, subtle and other worldly. Pisces is a water element, thus there is a strong connection to the subtle vibrations, feelings and ripples across the energetic field.

A good question to ask, who am I outside of the name I have, roles I play, and body that I have? There may be many individuals having crisis moments wondering if there is more to life….as well as asking the above question. This is the moment where one surrenders the ego-driven life and opens up to the Divine or the Cosmic picture. We are more than our physical body, name and roles that are played upon the Earth. Go on a journey to explore this, become aware of who you are on a non-physical level.

Neptune in Pisces illuminations the “sacred spaciousness of the heart and expression of Soul level inspirations.” We are reminded to align with that which deeply resonates or strikes a chord of remembrance of our true nature as Soul expressing through the human self. It will feel very nourishing to our entire being and Soul. With this transit of Neptune, we learn to cherish the human body as a sacred vessel and allow ego (little self) to align with Soul (expansive self). As we continue to move through Neptune’s transit through Pisces, there may be dissolution of illusions, delusions and escapist tendencies that surface as the off-balance of this transit.

Through greater awareness and clarity, choices are made.  Either one will dive to the depth of depression and suffering circling there or make the choice to swim upwards towards self-realization and enlightenment as signified by symbol of the sign of Pisces.

Learn to honor the deep feeling and resonance of what feels in harmony with the heart and Soul. Neptune in Pisces suggests the being lifted up into the transcendental realms and then bringing that beauty, bliss and greater understanding of the real purpose to life down into daily life.

As Neptune in Pisces goes direct this week, it is possible to feel bit disoriented, floaty, spacey and desire to sleep, dream or drift in a soft meditative energy of peacefulness. It is possible to feel scattered or vitality feel bit diffused this week. Pay attention to how grounded you are and the details as to not over-looking important information. Be careful while driving and operating heavy machinery this week, be present and grounded as much as possible.

As we approach the end of the year and the Holiday Season of 2013, Neptune in Pisces is a wonderful symbolic reminder of what is really meaningful and important. It is best not to get swept into the material world and think that is the end all be all. There will be many opportunities to practice being compassionate and demonstrating loving-kindness in the months ahead.

© Copyright 2013 -Dipali Desai –  All rights reserved.