Celestial Twinkle: Chiron in Pisces – Direct motion Nov. 19th, 2013

“Filling Up with Compassion”

There is a gentle motion of healing and sensitivity beginning to appear as a ripple upon the clear still lake. It calls out to each to know, feel and embody wholeness. Chiron in Pisces at 9 degrees moves into Direct motion on November 19th. 2013

In astrology Chiron symbolizes the maverick, healer, shaman and teacher. Chiron is also considered to be a bridge from the traditional to the modern or old to the new. It represents healing and transforming the wound into wisdom and receiving the blessing from it. Chiron’s symbolic significance is to help you remember the whole being you are as Soul or Consciousness. The pain or suffering creates gaps or distortions and pulls one into deeper levels of separation from one’s authentic self.

Chiron in Pisces provides the potential to dissolve suffering by extracting the pain or pain-filled emotional residue and allow the love underneath all of that to emerge and express more freely.  This may be a stage-wise process and indeed it is a process nothing is rushed so healing is through. Chiron in Pisces suggests practicing meditation, yoga, art therapy, using flower essences, having Energy healing session, homeopathic remedies, astrology, acupuncture, tuning forks and other such alternative methods may help shift energy and promote greater health, vitality and wellness.

Pisces is a water element which suggests the focus is on feelings, emotions, sensitivity and even seeing the bigger Spiritual picture. Pisces reminds each that as much as there is a physical reality, there is a greater Spiritual reality to know one’s Essence/Soul and Divinity. Energetic healing of the astral level of the energy bodies also comes into view.

Also, consider there may be opportunities to be more present in the now, compassionate, loving and acknowledge the experiences with great tenderness, love and Spiritual understanding. Finding exactly where the gap, separation and wound is and then being able to take steps to heal that to feel more whole.  Chiron in Pisces suggests embodying peace and feeling compassion. Rather than searching for an external peace, find ways to align with inner peacefulness and tranquility.

Therefore, this transit of Chiron  also has the potential to also help one to feel more spaciousness within the Heart energy center (4th Chakra) and other energy centers. Chiron in Pisces brings up one’s relationship or connection to God/Divine/Source or lack there of it due to unhealed pain and distortions. The question then arises, how does one embody this pure unconditional love and healing? How is it integrated into day-to-day reality?

Chiron in Pisces may stir and symbolically activate a sensitive raw wound that requires healing, point the way towards where the illusion is blocking one’s growth and possibly where one tends to escape and numb out rather than witnessing and experiencing the present moments. This is a time where conventional medicine may have to blend with alternative or holistic methods to really get the desired results.

What area of life Chiron transits through and where your Natal Chiron in Pisces rests or how it interacts with other planets determines what other influences are activated. Are you experiencing a Chiron Return? Notice the themes coming up now as they are looking for healing and greater understanding.

Chiron in Pisces at its potential is the wise compassionate healer, teacher and shaman that knows how to not hold onto the suffering and pain both individually and collectively, but rather, to glean the wisdom, blessings and gifts from within the wound(s). It provides the bridge to returning to love, wholeness and to the peaceful Presence of Soul. Chiron in Pisces illuminates love and helps heighten intuitive awareness and as well as bring each in touch with exquisite new feelings and experiences.

How can you work with Chiron in Pisces? Here are few suggestions:

Sometimes going through a deep healing phase requires another more trained  Energy Healer to facilitate or create high vibrational space for you to fully heal. Think of it as a Spiritual and energetic soft comforting yet activating energy blanket surrounding you, lifting you higher so your own being can heal and do what it needs to. When a person goes through deep layers of healing, oftentimes they do not have the energy resources or enough life-force and focus to hold that same space  on a higher vibrational level for themselves. This is why a trusted Energy healer can be valuable support during this time.

As an Energy healer and astrologer,  Dipali facilitates a gentle compassionate energetic space for a person to move through issues and healing.  If you need further guidance and help in working with this transit and healing you are welcome to Schedule an Appointment using Dipali’s Online Booking System through her main website: http://www.spheresofessence.com


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