Venus Retrograde in Capricorn December 21st – January 31st, 2014

Every 18 months or so the planet of love, Venus goes retrograde. This phase is like a symbolic journey of introspection about all of the matters of the heart. Everyone will be given the opportunity to examine and explore issues around; love, affection, intimacy, creativity, finances, values and self-worth.  Venus entered Capricorn on November 5th, 2013 and will remain in this earthy sensual sign until early March 2014.

In astrology Venus symbolizes love, affection, giving/receiving, attraction, creativity, harmony, balance, diplomacy and relationships of all kinds. The sign of Capricorn, an earth element and cardinal mode of energy or expression. Patience is essential through out this phase of development for it is an introspective phase. There is no rushing the organic process. Where one perceives delay another says wisdom reveals withing the stillness. Affections may cool down or warm up during the Venus Retrograde, it all depends on your Natal Chart and how the retrograde aspects it. Capricorn is a earth sign, therefore physical touch and sensuality are a part of the energy.  One has to consider Capricorn has old fashion values and perhaps may enjoy having courtship first and allow the natural development of the relationship to happen sweetly and slowly.

Beauty and Potential: At its potential Venus in Capricorn symbolizes relationships with a solid foundation in integrity, love, mutual respect, maturity and solid structure upon which to express and build. This includes relationship with self, personal and business relationships as well as any other relationship. Seeking to be with a quality partner or business partner and not settling is one of the messages of Venus in Capricorn. Choose to align with the highest quality and the best you deserve. Each person is worthy to have a loving relationship where each is able to feel nourished and is honored.

The Venus Retrograde in Capricorn phase begins on December 21st, 2013. It is the Solstice, the Sun enters Capricorn. Consider it to be an extremely potent time. A symbolic doorway opens in Consciousness.

Off-Balance: Venus in Capricorn suggests a rigid, cool, reserve that can create isolation and loneliness. Things become complicated and off-balance when a person chooses to push aside love for being with a partner that has status, prestige, and power. There is a huge compromise and a long-term emptiness that becomes evident over time.  Under the Venus Retrograde phase, if you have have gotten into a relationship due to superficial reasons and heavily compromised your values and love – the gaping hole will be evident in some way. Giving into lack, limitation and scarcity when it comes to money, finances and resources. Being stingy and overly frugal making others around you suffer with you.

Cravings: During the retrograde phase, there may be a craving for intimacy, to be valued and appreciated, to be loved and to be cherished by yourself and or another. It may be a cry of “loneliness” even if you have everything on a material level (fancy designer clothes, high paying job, fast cars). Behind the cool well-built image and exterior identity that fits into the material world, some people may feel lonely and desperate even while being in a relationship. Others may feel gripped with loneliness, depression, pessimism….being single. What the message here is “fill the gaping hole with love for yourself not with things.”  If you have this lack or limitation around love, a partner, child, success, prestige won’t fill it. Expanding Love Consciousness is the way to go but be grounded about it, it’s got to be better than a good idea. You have to get serious about embodying it. The desire to have abundance and increase in finances becomes strong. There may be a craving for more creative opportunity and expansion in some way.

Structure and Form: One of the things that Capricorn symbolically governs over is ‘structure, form and foundation.’  During the Venus Retrograde in Capricorn, it is very possible to take a closer look at the structural integrity of any given relationship. This relationship can be with money, work, yourself, the body, life, the Divine and so forth. Inquire across the board to see what is healthy and loving and what is ready to depart or become weakened. Can you trust yourself to be loving towards yourself and set new parameters? You may get the opportunity to test yourself and arrive to an answer.

Redefine: It is important to take time to contemplate, review and possibly redefine relationships both personal and business. Take time out to redefine your values and where you spend energy and money. What goes to waste? What is used extremely well? There may need to be restructuring of how much time and energy to invest and where to set new guidelines or boundaries. Having guidelines, healthy limits and parameters is helpful as a human being. It provides clarity as to what is acceptable and what is unhealthy and how much to take and when to make a change. Remember, if you consider yourself a conscious evolving individual then the guidelines or boundaries you set have to organically grow and evolve with you. This is a new way of working with healthy structures from a higher perspective or Soul-level.

Return to: For some people, who have done some healing, inner work and put sincere effort to grow it may be a “return to…intimacy, sensuality, sexual connection, love and so forth” during the Venus Retrograde. Of course it all depends on your Natal Chart and the aspects with the Venus Retrograde.  There can be someone new who appears who carries the vibe of “I’ve known you before…” This can be a meeting of Souls from other lifetimes. It can feel profound, deep and powerful connection. It is wise to wait to define things. Give space and time to patiently explore, get to know and experience first. Define things after Venus goes Direct.

People or Partner of the Past: Under a Venus retrograde, if there are unresolved issues or situations which require healing, growth and resolution, those people or partner may re-appear. It is not uncommon for an Ex to reappear and thus old unresolved emotions surface.  Have you learned the lesson? Gain insight? Remember, it’s a time of review not the best time to dream of the future and define the relationship according to fantasy.

Wise to be: Through out the retrograde phase, it is wise to be conservative, frugal and patient. It is wise to take things a step at a time and build a strong base. It is wise to find way to be mature and master certain skills such as relating and cooperation. It wise not to resist the lessons and what is required to heal so that growth can occur.

During the Venus retrograde phase ask:

  • Is the base or platform from which the relationship (personal or business) is based solid, with mutual values and respectful?
  • Is this relationship (personal or business) of value?
  • Are we growing together or growing apart?
  • Am I in alignment with integrity? Is this relationship I’m in have integrity?

Venus in Capricorn goes Direct at 13 degrees on January 31st, 2013. Venus enters Aquarius by early March 2014 when the “new beginnings” with the Venus cycle really takes off. Venus in Capricorn brings a tangible message “be in relationship(s) that is of high quality, loving, respectful, responsible and has the utmost integrity.” With a step at a time, love increases while lack and limitation decreases leaving one with the gift of insight and wisdom.

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6 Comments on “Venus Retrograde in Capricorn December 21st – January 31st, 2014”

  1. Aloha Says:

    Hi Dipali, I also have Venus Retrograde [Scorpio] and had the same question as Neptune. Interesting about being more social, not sure if that’s been the case for me.
    I do like reading the last thing you shared:

    “The interesting thing is, Natal Venus Retrograde has the potential to bring an individual to experience deep lasting love once the person begins their journey to be conscious, learn the lessons and heal the pain that stands in the way of deep intimacy and love.”

    Makes me feel hopeful. I’m also into Vedic Astrology, looking at your name I’m guessing you have Indian roots, yes?

    I often wonder what kind of karma creates this Venus Retrograde to manifest. I’m sure it’s not the same for everyone. It’s been a painful road for me with romantic relationships. I’ve often considered being a renunciate and making the Divine my only lover. Perhaps my desire for a romantic relationship is too strong though or perhaps it’s not in my cards. Perhaps it was seeing God as my husband in a past time that caused the Venus R itself.

    I love astrology, and yet as much as I am grateful for the validation it gives me, it always comes back to trusting the wisdom within, sigh.

    Anyways, long story short, I appreciate the article.
    I guess I am being chatty : ]

    • Dipali Says:

      Hi Aloha,
      Thanks for sharing your experience of a Natal Venus Retrograde and feedback on the article. Glad to hear you enjoyed it.

      Yes, I was born in India and raised in the USA so I’m familiar with Vedic astrology and such. This time around my focus is not on Vedic Astrology yet, I find the branch I work with ‘Transformative Astrology’ helps the conscious evolving Being to actualize their Soul potentials.

      The Cause and Effect (karma) is part of re-balancing when it comes to Natal Venus Retrograde. The Soul has chosen a lifetime to fully understand love on many levels, unconditional and what has gone to extremes (addiction, abuse, obessive etc). I would have to see the entire Natal Chart in a Session space to receive clear guidance for the individual and perhaps few lifetimes where the root of the pattern began.

      So that is why there can be a “general” interpretation of Natal Venus Retrograde yet the personalized portion comes from guidance looking a a specific Natal Chart and its configurations.

      The choice to be in a relationship or not is part of Free-Will. But it does depend on the Natal Chart and its configuration too. Perhaps what you are seeking is a more deeper level trust and love within yourself, with Soul and Divine as a partner and then…..meeting a person whom resonates with you. It does not have to be extreme..(Scorpio) either/or scenario “either I’m in a relationship or become renunciate” It can be…this and that :-)
      This helps the extremes find balance and harmony.

      Spiritually through another we have the opportunity to love ourselves, the person and the Divine as the other person is a Soul. So although human relationships are complex…the basis is how loving we are first towards self and then to others. Pain is looking to heal and transform and trust has to be rebuilt within. A person can’t trust the wisdom if the pain and distortions are creating obstacles.

      Welcome love in to yourself. Then with Soul and the Divine and your heart becomes ready and open for another. Keep it simple :-)

      All the best!

  2. Neptune Says:

    and what If you have retrograde Venus already in your natal chart? How to interpret the transit of the Retrograde Venus in that case.
    I am Capricorn with retrograde Venus in Aquarius .

    thanks a lot

    • Dipali Says:

      Hi Neptune,
      Thanks for your question. I would have to see the rest of the Natal Chart for a more personalized interpretation, yet the following may help.

      Usually, with those with Natal Venus retrograde it is a time where they are more social and engaging dare I say more talkative with others.

      With a Natal Venus Retrograde in Aquarius (depending on the house placement and aspects) it would suggest you are more friendly and forward in your approach to relationships, creative projects and such. You may not be as pulled in or reserved.

      Transiting Venus retrograde in Capricorn near your Natal Sun in Capricorn (depending on the degree) during this phase of Venus, would suggest you may review or re-define yourself in some way or your confidence and self-expression. It would be a time where you tune into yourself and see where you are in relating with life or others.

      Let me me know if this feels like it resonates with what you are experiencing now.

      Hope this helps a bit.
      All the best!

      • neptune Says:

        Hi Dipali,

        Thanks for your replay! It helps a lot.

        It is exactly how you describe it. At the moment I am re-defining myself to see where I am in relationship with others. Especially in love relationships.
        My sun is on 21 degree Capricorn. Trasit retrograde venus is on my Sun today :)

        Retrograde venus in my chart has the biggest impact on my love life. It seems like I always have a bad timing with other person or that something outside is standing in the way etc so, that love can never manifest to the end. :(

        • Dipali Says:

          Hi Neptune,
          Welcome :-) Glad to hear. Yes, anyone with Natal Venus Retrograde would experience a focus around love during their lifetime. It is as if Soul wants the individual (human self) to experience, heal and grow when it comes to love ..within self, giving/receiving and any self-imposed limitations or pains that require attention and healing. So you are on course. And it is about unconditional love not just the romance book type of illusion or conditional love.

          Timing is important as is any limiting perceptions or false beliefs that stand in the way of love. So when you say “never” that is a limiting belief and perception that is keeping you stuck.

          A Private Energy Balancing Session and//or Astrology Reading would help and support a person beyond that “closed gate” that is felt by a Natal Venus Retrograde. I do offer both for those over 18 years of age through my main Website, using my Online Booking System. So much more can be accomplished in a private session as the reading or healing is personalized and supported by higher Spiritual Energy as well.

          The interesting thing is, Natal Venus Retrograde has the potential to bring an individual to experience deep lasting love once the person begins their journey to be conscious, learn the lessons and heal the pain that stands in the way of deep intimacy and love.

          Best Wishes,