Celestial Twinkle: Mars in Libra December 8th, 2013 through July 25th, 2014

ctw2blgMars is transiting through the graceful sign of Libra ( entered Libra on December 8th, 2013) and will have an extended stay due the upcoming “retrograde phase” in the early part of 2014. Mars will remain in Libra until July 25, 2014. So get comfortable and cozy with the themes and issues. If you have cardinal signs in your Natal Chart you may thrive on initiating, action and dynamic motion, yes even the sign of Libra likes to be a part of ongoing movement.

The potential of Mars in Libra: actions, motives and desires based in mutual respect, cooperation, harmony and fairness. Mars in Libra has that symbolic spark to be caring about the “other” before it goes about making decisions or taking actions so the outcome is win/win and harmonious to all involved.  With this transit of Mars, one learns to be diplomatic, fair and practice loving-kindness through action not words. Mars in Libra also suggests grace, elegance and a strong desire for romance. There may be strong urges to beautify, love and practice “how to cooperate without losing your self.”  Mars in Libra has the potential to take actions to create harmony, that means it moves out of selfishness and competition and into how will this help “us.”

Mars in Libra suggests to be the compassionate Spiritual Warrior, striving for harmony, peace and equality.  So to take actions which help bring about peaceful resolutions and build mutual respect is very important with this transit.  Mars in Libra is still passionate, action-oriented and can rule with an iron fist, make no mistake about this for the sign of Libra is strong and powerful even with grace and elegance.

I’ll be writing on the Mars retrograde in a separate post. For now, let’s get a snapshot view of what’s coming up.

Mars in Libra makes a few rounds with Uranus in Aries Square Pluto in Capricorn. This can be spectacular in terms of propelling one’s evolution and heeding the call to action. The hum drum status quo may be disrupted, it may be invigorate things. You can see what type of stuff (energy) you are made up of, what things you are putting into practice and how steady on course you remain with the pressure of the ‘T-Square.”  It is all about evolution and change, nothing personal, rather it’s time to move it lose it.

Remember anytime Mars/Uranus and Pluto are in aspect, it is wise to be cautious, conservative and proactive. People and children may act out in irrational bizarre ways or extreme ways. Addictive energy, anger and unresolved pain arises too for healing, transformation and acknowledgment. Move through this phase carefully and be mature and responsible for your part.

It may push each to point of breaking down, breaking away from for breaking through, while others may be challenged towards mastery of some skill(s) or certainly in facing one’s fear and anxiety. Things may become upside down right side up. In the end, tremendous breakthroughs, radical shifts and new beginnings will happen as is the potential of major aspects.

Bottom line: great change will occur with these aspects from mid December 2013 into mid 2014.

Whatever is extreme, and way off-balance will be so obvious you can’t hide from it or shove it under the rug. Don’t be timid or shy, address the issue or person for this needs to happen otherwise it would not be coming up. Be assertive and bold, draw upon courage to act. Use your wisdom to help guide you to when to act, when to speak and when to express. Fair enough as Venus Retrograde in Capricorn is already underway (from Dec. 21st). This is an excellent time to get realistic and get down to the essentials. Relationships, roles within relationships, structures, plans will indeed have to be reorganized.

Mars in Libra provides the opportunity to take action as the peaceful Warrior in relationship with life rather than fighting what life brings as the next step in evolution and healing. If you find something being not healthy, fair or acceptable – change it.

What are you in discord with? What are you in harmony with? The end of 2013 will go out with a burst of colors and energy. Use this powerfully charged energy to help you clear away toxic, addictive patterns, relationship(s), old fear-based goals and create room for something healthier and well-balanced. Mars in Libra suggests harmony be a part of your New Year’s Resolution.


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