Celestial Twinkle: Uranus in Aries goes Direct on December 17th, 2013

ctw1blgIf you are interested in progress, evolution and change then you will be happy to sense and know that transiting Uranus in Aries at 8 degrees is going Direct on December 17th, 2013. The planet Uranus in astrology represents, awakening, illumination and innovation. And Aries symbolism represents assertive, courage, pioneering and being direct. This combination is highly potent and will indeed lead each towards radical shifts, changes and liberation.

Uranus being a transcendental planet, is about evolution. Therefore the ego and mind may be very uncomfortable and do its best to resist. Yet, Uranus in Aries now moving in an outward expression (by being Direct motion) means that all the themes and issues that is for the highest good and Soul path to evolve will happen. It is up to the person to move with it or resist and know it will be a losing battle for evolution will triumph every time.

Uranus in Aries may disrupt, upset, break apart, shatter, shock and push conformity limitations onto new frontiers. Think cutting edge and the Inner Genius and you have Uranus in Aries in a modern package ready to take you into the futuristic zone.

When Uranus in Aries is off-balance;  it’s possible people act in bizarre ways, erratic, shock for the sake of being shocking with no real purpose, aggressive and eve down right controlling.
Before you continue to read this article here is a reminder:
Astrological aspects symbolize things and themes within Consciousness…they don’t “cause” anything. Please refrain from being fatalistic or speaking about Astrological aspects as if they are doing something to you and you are powerless. You are not. If anything you are Soul, expressing through the human self therefore are very empowered. It is also your choice how you interpret a astrology cycle or aspect and if you become tangled in the “good and bad” rather than the potential it represents.

What are some examples of Uranus in Aries? Pioneering new pathways in medicine, technology, science and space exploration or any other area., shocking discoveries, breakthrough in technologies, Disruption of the status quo and revolution, breaking-free of an abusive situation or relationship, taking bold action, volcanic activity, awakening or liberation and enlightenment,

When Uranus in Aries is not channeled in a wisely or have healthy outlets: Sudden violence, rage and guns, explosions, accidents, fire, outbreak of wars or aggressive acts of random violence, domineering, controlling, rage, random outbursts and so forth. You get the picture.

As Uranus in Aries goes Direct, it does so symbolically activating Pluto in Capricorn. Since this aspect has been going on for a while now, most are familiar with the themes and issues. So consider this the “light is ON’ to move forward and energies will push, nudge, shove each towards the highest peak and awareness possible. Be prepared to use this energy in your life in a way that helps you. Go willingly, resistance is futile.

It is wise to take a deeper look at one’s emotions and that of anger. If this is not addressed and understood anger comes out in hurtful ways and in the form of subtle or overt attack. With Uranus in Aries, one must take responsibility and wisely direct this raw fiery creative energy into positive outlets, making real change happen and taking loving wise actions to evolve. Examples of acts of violence in the news is increasing and this is a direct cry for not just mental health issue but also “emotional awareness” and Spiritual thirst for greater meaning to life.

Essentials of Uranus in Aries:  is taking action guided by wisdom and love and being assertive. Also to make time to embrace change, innovation and express your uniqueness in fun loving ways. Find some ways to to build your confidence to initiate, be bold and courageous. Practice being the Compassionate Spiritual Warrior Archetype.

If you notice yourself feeling disjointed and disconnection, it may be time to ask really deep questions about life, purpose and meaning. Stop distracting yourself with being “busy, oh so busy” and get to the real task at hand. Use your personal power and choice to engage in helpful meaningful activities which will enrich your life and well-being.

Uranus in Aries is like a fiery ball of light of a million Suns combined into one tiny speck of what the real potential is. You get the drift of how potent this phase can be on so many levels.  With this transit of Uranus in Aries, be willing and eager to take courageous action to liberate yourself so you can actualize your Soul’s Potential.


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