Being Head over Heels for the New Moons and Full Moons

ctw1blgIn a world where people want fast things, quick fixes and instant manifestations the New Moon and Full Moons have become very popular trend and hyped up that people are head over heels for them.  Some people are not really understanding how the lunar phase works or is it effective way to bring intention into reality. Of course the popularity of New Moon/Full Moon brings more exposure for Astrology, that’s great right?!  Yes it is. When it goes awry, is when people are misinformed and have unrealistic expectations is where things become a bit tangled.

New Moon and Full Moon in Astrology is widely being used as a “manifesting” time. And yes, the lunar phases move very quickly month to month within a full lunar cycle. It is understandable how this may feed the “fast and quick” mentality of the egoic mind.  Though what happens when an intention is set and it takes longer to manifest? It goes into 3, 4 or 5 lunar cycles before even the seedling appears?

Contemplate this and inquire more deeply within yourself and ask…”Who or what is manifesting?” The egoic mind which wants things and fast? Soul which desires your ultimate highest good?

There is much more…..

What about other astrological aspects and phases?  Other Astrological aspects also have their rich potential and wonderful opportunities packed in there yet they may not move as “fast” and may be longer, therefore people do not want to indulge in paying closer attention to them. And it is a choice that the individual makes. And with that there are other choices too.

The ancients didn’t manifest “things” back then. Working with the potential of the New Moon and Full Moon was not as materialistic. The wisdom of the Ancients had more depth, purpose and it was done with great responsibility.  As one receives, one must give back to life and not solely take or “make shit happen” approach.

From a Soul-level perspective is, the New and Full Moons are the designs on the icing of a cake. They are indeed a vital part of the cake and require care and effort just like any other part. Now consider that the cake itself is comprised of the bigger astrological aspects which bring real….genuine…lasting manifestation and change. Yet, so many recoil and are too busy wanting the instant gratification of “things” with the New Moon and Full Moon’s that they rather not go there for the bigger longer astrological aspects which also may bring happiness and well-being.

To offer another metaphor: If you have a car and don’t have proper fuel, quality oil and an engine on the interior yet keep putting on fancy rims on the tires, paint on the exterior, super plush floor mats and then expect to “manifest or go” somewhere…nothing real happens. Why?

The main stuff is not attended to. The car will go no where and very little will manifest. The car looks good, fast and quick things were done to enhance it yet the main elements are overlooked. And thus rolls in the disappointment, disillusionment settles in or becomes re-agitated and thus the whole pattern begins again.

Major or bigger astrological aspects provide the “fuel, oil and engine” and depending on how a person is utilizing this energy’s potential, possibility, opportunity…. will determine how that then will work with the New Moon and Full Moon phases.

Astrology is a wholistic system. Each transit will build upon another. Each Solar Return will build upon another so forth and so on. So to separate and give so much attention to solely the New Moon, Full Moon, Eclipses without working with anything else may not be optimal. Each astrological phase, aspect builds upon another and thus will provide the real substance for the “manifesting” to happen alongside of the person’s Soul Potentials within the Natal Chart.

If you have no real empowerment at the core of you or foundation under your feet, then how much “fuel” do you have for “manifesting” things with the New Moon and Full Moon phases into physical reality?

Being conscious and knowing the broader context of how the New Moon and Full Moon’s have their place is important. The lunar cycle is such a beautiful piece to the overall energetic flow of life. By all means, let yourself flow in the illumination of the Moonlight and bask in the exciting new beginnings that the New Moon symbolizes. It is all there to deeply appreciate and work with.

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