Introduction to the New Moon and Full Moon in the Lunar Cycle

This brief introduction will help you get a feel for the New Moon and Full Moon in Astrology and the Overview articles written here on this blog. The movement of the Moon through its phases is called the Lunar Cycle in Astrology. The moon in astrology moves fairly quickly through each sign and thus each phase from the new moon to the full moon and so forth.

Planets, aspects and transits in Astrology symbolize things within Consciousness. Planets do not cause anything to happen to you. It is important you begin to use the proper language and perception when it comes to talking about Astrology so it leaves you invigorated and empowered rather than deflated and powerless. It is helpful to discern what information really resonates with you and what does not since there are so many articles and information on astrology on the internet. Not all of it will fit your needs or feel empowering. You must remain alert to decide and discern.

Briefly, the Moon in Astrology symbolizes the emotional level, feelings, subconscious mind, the one who nurtured you (mother or females), nourishment, food, comfort, emotional security, habits and tendencies as well emotional issues or reactions.

The emotional level is a important part in the wholeness of a person. The Moon in Astrology brings incredibly important insights so that a person can be more conscious than functioning on auto-pilot. The key with Astrology, is to use the “potential” of any given aspect, transit or cycle of development. It is there to help you be empowered not to take your power away!

Each phase of the New Moon and Full Moon will occur in the various astrological signs (12 zodiac signs).

The New Moon within the Lunar Cycle represents the “seed” point or a space for a clear intention to be set into the subconscious. The New Moon represents a time of fresh new beginnings and clean starts. It’s an exciting and creative space for the intention to take hold, like a prayer sent into the Universe. It is like a clear field with fresh soil ready to deposit a new seed which is an intention or a habit. Following through by action, one can nurture, care for and see the symbolic seed through to fruition. Be sure your intentions are more than “things.” Let them be about a new habit, pattern, feeling, way of nurturing or quality of some kind. The New Moon phase is where the Sun and Moon meet together with a common approach or a team-like expression of quality or energy in 1 particular astrological  sign.

The Full Moon within the Lunar Cycle represents the culmination of what was set as an intention in prior lunar phases. It also represents the “illumination” of what once hidden or buried within the subconscious comes up for a person to become aware of it. The emotions rise to the surface and old issues especially on an emotional level or habitual tendencies become activated. You can see how people tend to act irrational or become reactive under this phase. The moon doesn’t “do” anything to the person. The full moon symbolism suggests like the Ocean has high tides so does the emotional body within a person since the body is made up of about 80% water. Even animals feel this pull or shift.  The full moon phase is where the Sun and Moon are in “opposite” signs seeking to eventually harmony and balance with one another. It is a time of release, letting go and clearing out as to prepare the space once again so it is fertile and clear for more ‘symbolic seeds’ to be planted.

When you read the Overview of the New Moon and Full Moon here on the blog, keep in mind it is written in a general way for everyone. It is so you can utilize the potential of the Message given forth in each New Moon and Full Moon in the lunar cycle.

How it personally influences or activates you? You would have to ask a trusted Astrologer in a private reading/session or find out yourself using your Natal Chart.

The New Moon and Full Moon is a wonderful element to Astrology as a wholistic symbol system. There is so much more information and insight in addition to the lunar cycle. The New Moon and Full Moon can be a more personal energetic space for a person to work more closely with their conscious intention, nurturing style and emotional awareness.

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