Astrology and Healing Cycles

Astrology as a sophisticated symbol system provides rich in-depth insight into healing cycles that each person or relationship may go through at any given point. If you are looking for help in what you need to heal to be able to fully move forward in your life full of health, vitality and with wellness, Astrology is there to provide a map of the perhaps the key issues, areas and rhythms.

There is a branch called Medical Astrology which can be utilized. Yet, what I work with is Energy Work or Energy Balancing in addition to Astrological cycles of development. Sometimes having information alone is not enough to move through the actual phase or aspect happening. It is that simple.

Just like a car battery needs a jump start or ongoing tune up’s so does one’s Energetic field and physical body. Having Energy Balancing and Healing is like taking the information given in Astrology reading and having a catalyst towards health and wellness. Some astrological cycles are longer and some are shorter so healing can be prolonged or happen within a short span.

This can be very complimentary to traditional medicine or medical treatment. When a person realizes that medicine and energy healing can work together and is used with the intention of genuine healing amazing things happens. It is for you to experience and see.

If there is a major planet transiting the 2nd, 6th or 8th houses, a major Chiron transit or something like that, there are strong themes around healing on any given level: Spiritual, mental, emotional, energetic and physical. If a person goes through major loss or transition, Energy Balancing will help restore a sense of direction, grounding and vitality too.

Sometimes major transits to a personal planet or luminary such as the Moon or Mercury may signify issues around food, nourishment, nervous system and the body’s electrical system.  Sometimes a Neptune transit can bring up symptoms of fibromyalgia and yet it is temporary if a person knows how to work through it and when the Neptune transit completes.

Astrological cycles can also help a person know when to lose weight, change their nutrition and exercise routine to gain the maximum benefits. To work with the rhythms of life’s developmental cycles will promote growth, happiness and changes for the long-term. And Astrology can provide clarity as to which solutions may best be suitable for your particular Natal Chart configuration, so it personalizes things.

Astrology and Energy Balancing compliment each other for they both aim to help you live a life full of vitality, wellness and help you manifest your higher potential this lifetime. You can then combine the Astrological guidance and Energy Balancing to give you a more wholistic approach to wellness.

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Ultimately – you are empowered to decide what is best for you and if you are unsure, make changes under the care of your medical professional/doctor.

–Experience it for yourself!

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