“Does the Chiron wound ever completely heal?” – Ask Dipali

Your 1 Specific Question: Does the Chiron wound ever completely heal? ~T

Response from Dipali:

Hi T,
Thanks for writing in with a general question and allowing me to share a perspective with you.

I’ve been working with Chiron for many years now both personally and with clients. If you take the point of view that there are cycles of development then you will see that through each stage or cycle one heals and grows and gathers new gifts and blessings bestowed from within the wound, chronic health issues and or suffering.

The second point to consider is how are you healing and is anyone helping you to get to the core in the healing process. Sometimes with deep healing issues one is very subjective and uncertain so the healing that Chiron symbolizes and may bring up is not healed in an effective way. So this repeats the issues again and again making things more sensitive and even frustrating.

Chiron symbolizes where one has separated from the Divine and Soul. Chiron in each sign and house placement and aspects it is a part of brings a more clear picture and understanding into view. Then the current Chiron aspects or Natal Chiron Return may bring up another layer to work with.

So the answer is yes it is possible to heal Chiron completely at each phase and feel a sense of mastery over the wound.  Eventually you are not at the mercy of the wound, rather you are full of gratitude for the opportunities, blessings and gifts it brings. And then share the wisdom and insights with others who have similar wounds if the opportunity arises.

Currently you are experiencing a Chiron Return in Pisces so you are asking along the right line of questioning. It is reclaiming your power and not feeling like you are a victim or at the mercy of your wound(s) or wounded self. It directly relates to the Divine/Soul and feeling as if you are worthy and lovable. There may be deep cellular memory unresolved trauma or pain surfacing. It can also directly be that the body reveals the distress too through physical symptoms. There is more to this…. but  I hope it helps.

The best way to work with it having a specific private session that focuses on Chiron and current cycles of Chiron you may be going through. And then perhaps a Spiritual Energy Healing Session to support the reading.

Your feedback is welcome. I do hope this at least offers a bit more clarity and direction.

Wishing you the best,

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