Healthy Relationships: Astrological Weekly Forecast – Jan. 27th – Feb. 3rd, 2014

An added feature to this Astrology Blog: I will be bringing greater focus to a short weekly view combining a blissful blend of ingredients: Spirituality, Expanding Love Consciousness, promoting loving Conscious Relationships and Astrology. This forecast provides  an overview — full of possibilities rather than fixed prediction. How will you work with the potentials? Empower yourself.

For the Week of January 27th through February 3rd, 2014:

From the perspective of healthy relationships here are the potentials and challenges this week….

The week begins with a fabulous opportunity to express your individuality with courage and uniqueness when relating to others. Be yourself, be authentic and embrace your quirks and see the other person’s quirks too with a light heart.

One of the major shift in relationships (of all kinds) is Venus in Capricorn at 13 degrees going Direct on Jan. 31st conjunct Pluto in Capricorn and making an Opposition to Jupiter in Cancer retrograde. Take a deep breathe and relax in to the energy here. There is strong potential for growth with this dynamic aspect yet it will be a slow symbolic shift of energy too. Take your time, be patient as things slowly but surely pick up momentum. Soon it becomes more clear and defined which path to take in certain relationships. For some people, it will be a final ending and completion. While for others it will be a time to implement new changes on a practical level to help fortify the relationship(s) that are valuable.

There is an intensity accompanied with the shift this week. A sensual, creative and expansive feeling vibe also infuses into encounters and interactions. Be conscious, truthful and have integrity with what you choose, commit to, take action on and with love remain on course until all is said and done.  Some people will have to practice reenforcing boundaries once the decision is made on letting go toxic or unhealthy relationship(s).

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