Venus in Capricorn Direct Motion – January 31st, 2014

ctw1blgVenus in Capricorn at 13 degrees goes Direct or outward expression on January 31st, 2014. Perhaps it is best to wait to throw a fabulous social get together or host a ultra chic dinner event. Let the energies brew and shift enough first.

Venus in Capricorn suggests that slowly and surely there will be concrete steps and tangible manifestation of the creative re-organization that has been going on. Venus symbolizes social interactions, love, finances and creative energy and in Capricorn it has been “let’s get on with the business at hand.”

What was under “re-organization” while Venus was retrograde and lacked definition may turn around over the next few weeks and months. There is possibility for relationships to be configured differently, roles to be defined, and new healthy boundaries to be set and strengthened. Or at least that is the potential. It depends on if you choose to work with the potential.

Whatever was unresolved may require resolution and a firm commitment to back it up.

Whatever relationship (personal or business) was under reconstruction or under evaluation may require “how and what” to be set in concrete ways for the next steps forward as Venus continues its transit in Capricorn. You know this phase of Venus in Capricorn is about honoring the organic process, Divine timing and of course plenty of patience. There’s no rush with Venus in Capricorn, rather, what level of mastery was accomplished and to what heights has one gone.

Venus/Pluto in Capricorn making an Opposition to Jupiter in Cancer retrograde  at the 11 to 13 degree suggests there is tremendous potential of creative resourcefulness and empowerment here. Earthy, sensual, creative energy waiting to be channeled into constructive outlets and to help in healing as well as transformation.

What may appear with this transit and aspect? Tremendous opportunity to grow, expand and mature. It can be a extremely satisfying phase of accomplishments.  Of course intense interactions revealing so much about the relationship, person or people and situation. Long standing issues may resurface for closure and final commitment to move on or build on the existing structure or foundation of the relationship.

Choose to see the truth as it is rather than what you wish it to be. It is possible to feel an overwhelm, rising up of fears and surges of emotional waves. As long as you are clear about yourself, your intention, choices and actions that is what will help under the back and forth energy in relationships.

Honesty is the best policy especially with the astrological aspects designed they way they are. It’s how you deliver the truth. It can be done with assertiveness, love and firmness. There may be power struggles yet if you remain focused on staying in integrity, and relating with impeccability you will know how to rise above the power struggle to make progress for yourself. Don’t attempt to change anyone but you.

Why I say slowly and surely changes will unfold is due to the fact we are fast approaching the next Mercury Retrograde in Pisces on February 8th, 2104 plus already within range of Mars in Libra shifting into Retrograde phase early March 2014.

Each must use awareness and be mindful of the slow steady steps to be taken. Fighting against the waves of the “retrograde phases” which are introspective in nature will only create more frustration and exhaustion. I would advise to move with the themes of the retrograde phases. The issues or matters that are most important will arise. Things will come to completion and perhaps an ending of sorts.

Venus enters a brand new phase by as it moves into Aquarius in March 2014. Until then, let yourself move with the pace that is happening. Knowing that certain things must be implemented in a grounded way for best results.

© Copyright 2014 – Dipali Desai. All rights Reserved.