Healthy Relationships: Astrological Weekly Forecast – Feb. 3rd through Feb. 9th, 2014

aRx9HThe week ahead:  combining a blissful blend of ingredients: Spirituality, Expanding Love Consciousness, promoting loving Conscious Relationships and Astrology. This forecast provides  an overview — full of possibilities rather than fixed prediction. How will you work with the potentials?

For the Week of February 3rd through February 9th 2014:

From the perspective of healthy relationships here are the potentials and challenges this week….

This week as Mercury in Pisces shifts into Retrograde while making a team-like aspect to Neptune in Pisces, suggests asking the Divine to flow through words or silence and deliver the most inspiring or healing message or energy possible. Use this to help you transcend conflict and practice forgiveness in relating to others. Speak in a way that is kind, inspiring and with compassion. Communication happens in silence as much as using words. It may come through a metaphor or song. Be open to creative ways to communicate and exchange this week. Important symbolism and insights helps you to heal past issues. It will be helpful to see people as they are, their potential AND who they are in the now, so take off your rosy colored glasses when viewing others. Otherwise later on, you may be disappointed or disillusioned.

There may be communication mishaps and hidden resentments trickling through conversations which will give you helpful insight into yourself and the other person. You may say its OK yet two seconds later you can’t help but point out the mistake or “see, now you know…” verbal jab. This indicates you may need to heal something within yourself from the past, forgive or become aware that egoic mind needs to be right and will use any chance it can to make a dig. This is the Venus/Pluto in Capricorn Opposition to Jupiter in Cancer retrograde. Grow through the interactions rather than avoiding them.

The other challenge is delays or mix ups in appointments, scheduling or in day-to-day projects or activities. This may create tension in relationships of all types. Slow down and take the extra time to double-check things. Focus on staying accountable for yourself and allow others to do the same.

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