“Initiating the Move Forward” Cardinal Grand Cross – April 22nd – 23rd, 2014

April 2014 has a very important astrological configuration happening. It is known as the “Cardinal Grand Cross” which is felt all month (into early May 2014) and is exact on April 23rd, 2014. Consider it to bring the message “initiating the move forward” to the collective and individual Consciousness.

Which planets are involved?
Mars retrograde in Libra, Jupiter in Cancer, Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn retrograde at 13 degrees. [Check your Natal Chart to see which areas of life this activates for you, be sure you have an accurate Natal Chart.]

The Cardinal Cross Aspect is symbolic, helping to provide clarity as to what is occurring in Consciousness now. It does not “cause” anything, as no astrological aspect really causes anything. Astrology provides the symbolic language to understand the nature of the developmental cycles. This type of astrological aspect signifies “a dynamic driver” to initiate change and can be of great assistance to those willing to work with it consciously.

All of this is happening in Cardinal signs, which represents initiating, dynamic go-getting energy. Though Mars is retrograde so there is a bit of slowing down long enough for you to be able to acknowledge what needs to be acknowledged with awareness and gain insight as not to repeat the lesson.

Each must become awake and aware (Uranus in Aries) conscious about using their power to create harmony (Mars in Libra), with greater emotional awareness (Jupiter in Cancer), align with trust &  integrity (Pluto in Capricorn).

Which relationship(s) require major re-working? What fear do you need to address to move forward? Where do you need to make a powerful change? What actions or steps need to be taken for lasting change and harmony?

This complex and highly potent aspect is nothing to fear and is hanging around for a while still, so get comfortable or prepared to become uncomfortable.  Welcome this invigorating energy of dynamic change, transformation and healing. Think of it like a really good sauna. You may be purifying the toxins out of your body, emotions, mind and Spirit.

Yes, everyone is already pretty worn down or pretty tired going through the Mars retrograde phase. So take a power nap, eat good healthy foods, go be in Nature. Find ways to recharge and still be open the helpful energies and symbolism. Yet, the Cardinal Grand Cross aspect is about evolution and healing and it has its own dynamic focus. With this potent energy and symbolism we may notice a contradictory energy – slowing down and accelerating.

Higher energies, lifts you to expanded state of awareness and higher  Consciousness.

This Cardinal Grand Cross aspect is very valuable. It is part of a Cosmic Tapestry, a new weaving together even if it feels unknown or not defined. Trust this process. Remember who you are, as your true self/Soul and how you do have the capacity and resources to move gracefully through this. It is a “wake up” to the next level or a total wake up to those who are snoozing in ignorance and denial. Each is being guided, yet they must have a higher perspective to see how beautifully aligned they are and a part of the grand Cosmic design.

This powerful spinning of energy is helping to pummel out stuck discordant energies, cleaning out density that no longer serves your greater good as well as brings up areas for deep healing. So old fears, anxieties, addictive tendencies, denial, out of control, powerlessness, off-balance spots all tend to arise. Some will be undergoing major waking up, transitions, confusion, in need of healing or grounding. It may feel disorienting and uncomfortable. There may be shocking turn of events or revelations and even disruptive events on a global scale. This represents how potent the energies are right now.

Whatever is prominently coming up right now for you is what you need to address and now! Not tomorrow.

Ride this potent wave of transformation and change, for it will usher you to new energetic space. It is helpful to remain flexible and open to the changes unfolding now. If you need to ask for clarity, higher insight and support. Do not hesitate. Go find that authentic trusted person to help you through it so you are able to move through this using the potential it brings. Challenge yourself to see your real self, as Soul. All the challenges help you to peel away to this core aspect of your true nature, as the Essence of your being. It may also help you to be more loving and empowered.

There is wonderful potential for amazing breakthroughs, transformations, transitions and opportunities for empowerment. The potential for real change and a more liberating life is contained within the potential of the Cardinal Grand Cross aspect. The question is….how will you work with it in yourself and life?



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