Pluto in Capricorn Retrograde phase – April 14th, 2014

Today, April 14th, transiting Pluto in Capricorn shifts into Retrograde phase at 13 degrees Capricorn . This intense shift moving into introspection brings up trust, power and integrity issues big time.  And certainly some situations or issues may not be in your control. You can ask what you are responsible for and how you can mature, grow and transform your part in it.

They are not to be ignored or denied. Pluto as a symbol in astrology, is full of transformation and downright gets each in touch with their personal underworld and unconscious.

As Pluto continues in Retrograde phase in Capricorn, it provides the opportunity to ‘re-work or re-configure’ as to allow for the issue to fully transform and heal as well as rebirth into new. Purge and let go. Trust yourself to be realistic about what you need to responsibility for. — Patience is essential.

Pluto also symbolizes issues and unresolved “stuff” deep within the unconscious and cellular memory. Any transit of Pluto in this case in the sign of Capricorn activates symbolically a personal planet within the Natal Chart, expect to journey into the personal underworld and rummage through as well as purge the excess, extreme and discordant stuff. This includes grief and whatever it is that one fears and gives too much power to.

Pluto in Capricorn retrograde phase provides the slowing down and introspective phase to re-organize and structure. whatever area, issue or theme it is currently highlighting by transit.  Look at how aligned you are in you power, integrity and how much you trust..yourself first. Examine how you are functioning in life – is it in survival mode or really living an empowered conscious life?

Pluto goes Direct in Capricorn in September 2014. By then hopefully there will be a more solid foundation of trust within self and others. Don’t worry you will have plenty of opportunities to apply this down the road.


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