Crumbling Away – Uranus Square Pluto, April 21st, 2014

This is the fifth make activation of the Uranus in Aries ‘Square’ Pluto in Capricorn retrograde at 13 degrees on April 21st, 2014. By now surely the issues are very familiar to each of you. The intensity is like no other and the crumbling away of old paradigms, lifestyles and major life transitions are ongoing. All in alignment with evolution.

You don’t have to like it. But you do have to choose. Go with it, with least resistance or fight it and lose. Uranus/Pluto aspect is solely focused on evolution and long-lasting changes on every level in every way. Animals are noticing it, the Earth is showing it and people are either bewildered, waking up or going deeper into the trauma trance (walking around like half living zombies.)

Major planetary aspects in astrology do not cause anything, they symbolize great shifts and themes within Consciousness. It is a rich symbolic language. When you use the language in an incorporate way it makes sense. When you give your power away then you join with the fatalistic approach. It is a choice.

The ‘Square’ aspect in astrology from a higher perspective  is like a tight squeeze from the inside until you take notice and say enough, what do I need to do to get out of this box A.K.A limitation or lack?  Do not fear the “Square” aspect, do not give your power to the fear or anxiety. Remain empowered! The “Square” aspect is a symbolic driver for maturity, practical change and manifestation. There are potential fruits to all the labor and sincere efforts you put into it.

YES, Old systems, ways, habits, structures, lifestyles are crumbling away like solid wood being eaten by termites and thus turns to fine wood dust.  And so the wood dust will then be back in the earth and so the cycle of life continues into rebirth and renewal into a new form. You can trust that Uranus ‘Square’ Pluto will symbolically upset and shake you to the core and at the same time help you produce and manifest something so amazing that it may just shock you.

Your true self/Soul knows what is happening is for a greater purpose and it is your guide through this ruckus and chaos if you are tuned in or have help tuning in by another who is your trusted guide through this process.

There are mini-revolutions occurring and massive revolts ensuing. Wars are fought between the egoic mind and Divine as well as human to human. Wars turning into peaceful solutions and resolutions. Transcending limitations and lack into prosperity. The key is revolutionary change for greater liberation to expressing one’s highest potential. And there is potential to feel more compassion all across the board.

If you are like many individuals, somewhere in your life or some part of you knows this transit pretty well as there has been four other activations of this astrological transit. The major themes are so obvious by now that you can talk about it in your sleep.  It is a mega-dose of wake up and shaking up the status quo. The main question is;  “How are you integration this in your being, life and wherever it is called for? since this transit is a CALL to ACTION and a CALL to ACT in INTEGRITY and GROUND the energy.

Those who are willingly going with it find themselves blazing new trails and experiencing fresh new possibilities. This is wonderful and benefits the collective as well as the future generations. Uranus ‘Square Pluto lasts until 2015 and trails into 2016…the aftermath ripples and integration.

Think of the major re-structuring, re-configuring, re-organizing that is occurring everywhere.  This is sweeping across the planet. If you are one of those individuals who are reading this valuable piece of information, then you know you can make the most of the options and potentials.

Wishing each of you the best of this transit!!

Need some clarity or help while undergoing this rockin’ transit between Uranus/Pluto or some other Major Life Transition? Make informed decisions….

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