Celestial Twinkle: Neptune in Pisces Retrograde June 9th, 2014

There may be a feeling of being lost in a sea of confusion, vagueness and even subtle waves of disorientation or spaciness. The planet that symbolizes the mystical, Spiritual and subtle dimensions of reality – Neptune in Pisces at 7 degrees shifts into Retrograde phase on June 9th, 2014.
ctw1blgOf course no planet “causes”  anything to happen. Consider it a symbolic language of providing the right key words to understand what is happening in Consciousness at this time. Even though Neptune in Pisces lifts one into “no time/space” more like being in the eternal moment, one loses track of linear time when tuning into this transit of Neptune.

Pisces is a water element, and thus Neptune in Pisces heightens emotions, feelings and if you are experiencing dissolution of some kind, there is more to experience as this planet stations to move into a more “introspective” phase.

With the symbolism of Pisces, one fish swimming up towards Enlightenment and the other fish swimming into the depths of depression and angst you see that there may be great potential to move from ignorance into enlightenment. There is also wonderful potential to dissolve into the Oneness and feel interconnected with all of life.

This is a good time to meditate, relax and be, surrender to a higher power or Source, and immerse yourself in that which is healing and transcendental. Many may look for meaning in life, ways to understand major transitions and even new ways to heal and let go of the attachment to the physical world alone.

Neptune in Pisces retrograde suggests the opportunity to see where you have increased compassion and unconditional love as well returning to the peaceful presence within /Soul. And then the opportunity to rework things under the retrograde phase.

Neptune in Pisces reminds each of “Being” rather than doing. This transit will increase working within the emotional level and higher feelings both on individual level and collectively.

With Neptune in Pisces when you are not working in harmony with it or Off-Balance, brings up strong escapism tendencies of not wanting to deal with reality or be grounded and accountable. It may bring up illusions and delusions. You may feel strong disconnect or cut off from the Sacred or Divine in life. You may feel ungrounded and perpetually in a “fog or fatigue.” There are healthy ways to work through this and re-establish a grounded connection and shift your energetic field.

Ask yourself

  • how well you are in tune with your emotional level?
  • how attuned you are to your Spirituality, Soul, Divine?
  • how well you work with the water element in your life?
  • how you honor water in your day to day life? Do you waste water? Do you contaminate water through putting chemicals into the land?
  • how much water you drink to keep yourself hydrated and flush out toxins.

These are wonderful practical ways to tune in to Neptune in Pisces shifting into Retrograde phase.

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